Top Management

Zoltán Kaszás

Chief Executive Officer

Zoltán Kaszás graduated from the Technical College of Szabadka after which he obtained an economist, then an MBA degree from Corvinus University. During his career he worked at Szerencsejáték Plc., as the IT strategic manager of the Hungarian Post Plc., at the Budapest Airport and as the IT manager of MOL Group and OTP Serbia. During his career, besides designing, implementing and managing IT strategies, he participated in several major projects and as a sponsor he managed several acquisition processes from IT side.

From December 1, 2015 he works as the manager of T-Systems Hungary Plc.’s Info-communication Solutions Division.

From January 2016, he is Chief Executive Officer at T-Systems Hungary.

Gábor Bódi

Chief Officer,
Head of the Soho sales, corporate customer support and marketing Division

He received his economist degree at the Budapest University of Economy and State Administration. He started his career at the Prime Minister’s Office with a scholarship. His main activities during this 10-year period included public administration development and e-public administration. Between 2008-2010 he coordinated the Government’s IT activities as State Secretary. Afterwards he was the Managing Director of Puskás Tivadar Public Foundation and Kopint Datorg, between 2013-2015 the Chairman of the National Council for Telecommunications and Information Technology, between 2014-2015 the Deputy State Secretary responsible for the coordination of the infocommunication of the Prime Minister’s Office.

Since 1 October 2016 Director of the Segment Marketing Division of T-Systems Hungary.

Since 1 November 2017 Head of the Soho sales, corporate customer support and marketing Division as Chief Officer.

Gábor Demény

Director ,
Vertical Solution Support Division

He received his Technical Engineer degree at theKeleti Károly Economic Faculty of the Óbudai University. He has been working for T-Systems Hungary’s predecessor companies since 1997. He has successfully managed the implementation of many complex projects and programmes and gained experience in the fields of consultancy as well as organisation and process development. He also managed the office relocation of the T-Systems Hungary predecessor companies to the T-Systems HQ in Újbuda.

He was Project and Services Director of the Trade and Media Line of Business from 2016. Since 1 November 2017 he has been Director of the Vertical Solution Support Division.


European Smart Solutions Center

András Fazakas started his career in 1996 at Westel Mobil Távközlési Rt, the predecessor of T-Mobile. He gained direct and indirect sales and customer management experiences in various positions at the company. In 2006 he joined Nav N Go, a company engaged in the development of navigation software and mobile applications, as an operative director and had an outstanding role in the identification of new business opportunities and the introduction of the company’s services into new markets in Hungary and abroad. He devised and built the structure of the 270-strong company and then rebuilt it several times. The resulting organisation flexibly responds to the constantly increasing and renewed requirements of the international market, and is highly recognised in professional circles. In 2008, Deloitte awarded the title “Most Dynamically Developing IT Company in Central Europe” to Nav N Go. In the same year, the Association of IT Businesses selected András Fazakas as the “Young IT Businessman of the Year”.

In 2009 he joined Theoryc, an investment association established by Hungarian businessmen, left for T-Systems from a managing directorial position. In 2012 András Fazakas joined Deutsche Telekom AG’s newly established European team in charge of business customers (“Business Excellence Europe”). Initially, he acted as an advisor for new price revenue streams (ICT, eHealth, M2M), and went on to specialise, as head, exclusively in the European machine-to-machine business line. Currently, this line comprises the go-to-market and business development strategies of 12 countries throughout DT’s European subsidiaries.

Zoltán Fejes

Chief Officer,
Head of the SMB Division

Zoltán Fejes started his career at Westel450, then after 14 years he left Telekom as head of the sales and campaign management department. He continued his career as director of the residential sales network of Vodafone Hungary for over two years. He, then, became director of residential sales of Telenor Hungary then Chief Officer of customer relations.

In the past four years he led the digital transformation of one of the largest mobile companies of Saudi Arabia, then he was responsible for the operation of the retail network as well as the digital transformation of Qatar‘s market-leading telecommunications company. Mr. Fejes received his diplomas at the college of trade and catering services in Budapest as well as in the Conservatoire national des arts et métiers in Paris. Since 1 June 2018 he has been T-Systems Hungary’s Chief Officer as Head of the SMB Division.

Ákos Kalmár

Chief Officer,
Director of Large Business Solutions Division

He received his Economic Engineer diploma as finance major in 2005 at the Szent István University. He continued his studies at the Pannon University in Veszprém and received his economist MBA degree in 2016. He started his professional career at Pepsi Cola carrying various sales manager positions in 4 years.
In 2000, with a huge turn, he stepped in the IT market to the then market leader Synergon. He worked for the sales team of Synergon’s financial institution area for 6 years, then in 2007 he became sales manager there.

In 2009 he joined KFKI, then T-Systems Hungary where he led the Financial Institution Division for 6 years.

From 2015 he was the Director of Large Business Sales Division of T-Systems Hungary. Since 1 November 2017 he has been the Director of Large Business Solutions Division of T-Systems Hungary as Chief Officer.

László Mohácsi

Chief Officer

Infocommunication Division

He graduated in the Technical Manager Faculty of Kandó Kálmán Technical College. In 2011 he received an MBA in finance in the Budapest Technical University. He started his career in the Group in 1999. First in Westel then in T-Mobile Hungary he was Head of Sales of Corporate Key Accounts. In 2008 and 2009 he worked as Head of Department of Public Utility and Media Sales. He has been working in the field of implementation since 2010, first as head of telecommunication solutions.

From January 2014 he was Head of Communication Solutions Division in T-Systems. Beyond his experiences in telecommunication, in this position he gained new insights in the area of IT infrastructure as well as business and implementation of application development.

From 11 January 2017, as acting Chief Officer of T-Systems Hungary, he is the Head of the Infocommunication Division.

Lilla Sáfrány



She received her degree in economics at the College of Szolnok, specialising in foreign trade.
She then went on to study at the University of Western Hungary and broadened her knowledge at the Corvinus University of Budapest where she graduated as an economist with additional specialisation in law. She started her career in the marketing communication division of Citibank. She joined the HR team of Magyar Telekom in 2002. She first worked as assistant manager of Magyar Telekom’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer for Human Resources, and then as HR Business Partner for T-Systems. She has been working for T-Systems Hungary as HR Manager since 1 July 2011.

Judit Szegedi

Operative Director

Corporate Operation Division

She graduated in the International Business School as an economist, and she also received a Marketing Communication diploma at the International Advertising Association.

She started his career at Unilever Hungary’s ice-cream division as a controller. In 2000 she joined LNX System Integration Rt, a subsidiary of the KFKI Group, with the task of rolling out and operating the company’s controlling system. In 2004 she was appointed Head of Controlling of the KFKI Group. In 2012 she joined T-Systems Hungary as the Head of the Delivery Controlling Center.  She was appointed Head of Large Business Controlling Center in 2016. Since 1 January 2017 – besides his Head of Controlling position – she has been leading the T-Systems Corporate Operation Division.

Bibora Szél

Director of Staff

She received her Technical Manager diploma and her second, Bank IT diploma at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

She started her professional career at PanTel and joined Magyar Telekom as financial product analysis manager in 2002. As HR controlling expert, she led the support team of the large businesses business unit from 2008. She became Deputy HR Director at T-Systems in 2012.

In 2015 she switched to the business side of the company and was made head of the operation development, decision and project support field of T-Systems’ Infocommunication Solutions Division.

She has been Director of Staff of the CEO of T-Systems since 2017.