The First Class offer is available for enterprises
who are the business partners of T-Systems Hungary,
and users of Magyar Telekom mobile services.

T-Systems Hungary is the country’s
market leading company
in IT and
system integration services.

The key to our success is
continuous innovation adapting

to customer needs and technological trends.

For this reason,
mobile communication today

is an integral part of our integrated solutions.

Firms whose mobile fleet
is managed
exclusively on
a cost basis and separately

from corporate IT system
are at risk.

technological and modernisation risk
business process risk
efficiency risk
security risk
communication risk

This is because, nowadays,
mobile telecommunication
means far more
than calling

work equipment

inseparable part of the
corporate IT system

competitive advantage

The uniform management of

corporate IT systems and
indispensable for your business.

network access
system and data security
reliable functioning

First Class provides a unique and
complete solution
to these needs.

What is First Class?

First Class is a business mobile package that
serves the special mobile communication needs
of large users through efficient and secure use
that is a true experience.

no restrictions

What is First Class?

First Class services provide a complete and
flexible solution for corporate
mobile communication:

trouble free voice and data communication in Hungary and the EU
high degree of mobility
unique business applications
outstanding security and data protection solutions
corporate IT-compliant mobile device management
premium on-the-spot service
personal engineering consultation

Package contents

  • The First Class package combines the best of T-Systems Hungary’s ICT and Magyar Telekom’s mobile telecommunication services.
  • unlimited conversations for landline and mobile calls
  • premium speed internet access in Hungary and the EU
  • unrestricted or 2GB domestic mobile internet
  • freedom of communication even when abroad
    • Up to 12 GB (2GB) of the mobile internet limit can be used in the EU
    • Free mobile calls from the EU to Hungary and EU countries
    • HUF 0 for receiving calls in EU roaming situations

Extra contents

  • Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)
    • mobile devices that can be configured and supervised by corporate IT
    • installing applications and sending corporate documents to devices
    • security functions to protect corporate and private data on mobile devices:
    • enforcing the mobile device’s passcode supported by touch ID (dependent on device) and remote locking
    • preventing access to data on a lost device
    • remote deletion of mobile devices to protect against unauthorised access to data
    • finding the exact location of a lost device
  • First Class premium service
    • Exceptionally fast on-the-spot assistance:
    • arranging card and number changes on the spot
    • saving and copying customer data from mobile devices
    • on-the-spot presentation of new and existing mobile services
    • on-the-spot testing of devices and if need be, managing the repair
    • software updates
    • collection of devices that cannot be repaired on the spot and returning them after repair
    • setting basic services and user-specific services on mobile devices (SMS, MMS, Internet, e-mail, GPRS, Fax)
    • installing applications (data card, data suite)
    • backups between two devices, to CD
    • consultation, professional advice
  • Engineering consultation and professional advice
    • IT and telecommunications engineering consultation to support planning, business management, optimisation and decision-making processes in person, over the phone and or via video.
  • Access to applications with price advantage
    • SmartEvent - Event application
      • An individual application to support business and corporate events covering preparation, staging the event and post-event assessment.
      • Managing invitations, registration and entry
      • Real-time monitoring of agenda and programmes (venue, timing and content of lectures and sections)
      • Questionnaires and voting among the application’s users
      • Sending push messages to participants
      • Information communicated by onsite DMS display
      • Customer registration platform for registering and monitoring data of corporate guests and visitors as well as issued entry cards.
      • quick and simple visitor entry and registration at reception
      • compatible with self-service customer console
      • authenticating personalised entry card on a mobile device
      • notifying receiving person
    • TSMAPS
      • Web-based, interactive map application that makes getting around a building or office complex quick and easy for visitors.
      • displays meeting rooms, units and important rooms
      • functions without installing a separate program
      • can be accessed with a web browser on any mobile device
      • reduces pressure on information desks
ContactFor more details about First Class ask your customer manager or send your query to us by e-mail to

For more details about First Class
ask your customer manager
or send your query to us
by e-mail to