T-Systems Hungary - Main Sponsor of the Ethical Hacking Conference

T-System was again one of the main sponsors of this year's Ethical Hacking conference held on 10 May.

T-Systems Hungary - Main Sponsor of the Ethical Hacking ConferenceThe event saw a full-house of interested participants: the 500-people cinema hall of Lurdy-House was packed full with experts and clients interested in security. Ethical hacking is intended to explore and uncover the vulnerabilities within company and institution systems with the tools and approaches used by hackers, but under, of course, controlled conditions and with appropriate authorisations.

On behalf of T-Systems Hungary, we had Zsolt Vida, one of our ethical hackers, holding a presentation entitled Forensics in Practice, i.e. if I did not do this transfer, who may have? Through an actual case study - without reference of course to the name of the client - he analysed each of the steps applied in the case in which the client claimed not to have made a transfer in his home bank and was also ready to lend the bank his computer in support of his claim. The examination T-Systems carried out proved the client right: it was indeed an incident caused by a malicious program.

Chess grandmasters, Tícia Gara and Anita Gara, at the TSM stall also enjoyed great popularity. Many tried their luck, but visitors could only achieve one win and one tie. The two successful players were awarded a merchandise package from T-Systems.

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