444 ideas from 45 countries to compete at Telekom’s Innovation Competition

The number of applicants doubled in the last few days

Team innovation competetionThe highest number of bids were filed in the topic “Communication services”.

Four hundred and forty four ideas have been submitted to Telekom’s Innovation Competition from 45 countries of 4 continents. The concept originated from Deutsche Telekom, Telekom Innovation Laboratories (T-Labs), T-Mobile Poland and Magyar Telekom, and EIT ICT Labs Germany participated in its implementation.

The experts of Telekom Group will develop the winning concept into a product or a prototype. Resources worth EUR 500,000 have been provided to this end, including hardware, software, access to Telekom’s infrastructure, and the use of global sales and marketing channels.

“I was amazed by the volume and quality of tenders filed to our competition.

I am really glad to have received ideas from 45 countries, more than 60 from Hungary and 46 from Poland”, says Dr Heinrich Arnold, head of Telekom Innovation Laboratories in Germany.

As the number of applications doubled in the last four days immediately preceding 31 March, the German EIT ICT Labs is faced with an immense task: acting as an implementation partner, they are responsible for managing the project and mobilising their innovation network.

“We are greatly honoured by the participation of Deutsche Telekom Group’s six high-ranking business executives in the work of the jury”, says Dr Udo Bub, CEO of EIT ICT Labs in Germany. “Nevertheless, the selection of the best ideas will still remain an enormous challenge.

I expect to see 12 excellent applicants to participate in the final round to be held on 10 June in Berlin.”

With this global competition Deutsche Telekom has managed to mobilise teams, university students and private persons, and has successfully involved its own staff members in the competition.

Venturesome minds have been set to motion in Congo, Malaysia, Israel, Ethiopia, South Africa, Iran, Taiwan, Pakistan and Sweden, among many other countries.

About a hundred German applications underpin the reliability of the German innovation network and the high number of bids filed from partner countries – namely, Poland and Hungary – clearly reflect Central and Eastern Europe’s significant role in innovation.

“As a service provider and partner in the vanguard of innovation, we consider this competition as a unique opportunity for Magyar Telekom to take the lead in the identification and promotion of outstanding Hungarian ideas.

I trust that the creative Hungarian teams will successfully hold their ground in this sharp international competition”, said Róbert Pataki, Magyar Telekom’s deputy CEO for Business Development and a member of the jury.

Another member of the jury, Milan Zika, T-Mobile Poland’s deputy CEO for Technology and Innovation pointed out: “I can hardly wait to see the prototype of the successful idea, which will be presented on the innovation day to be organised by Polish Telekom in December this year.”

More than 340 external bids and approximately 100 ideas by Telekom staff members were filed.

Every third idea was filed in the sub-category “Communication”, while the remaining 60% are innovations in the field of “Digital Home”, “Energy”, “Virtual Platform” and “Cloud”.

For further information on Telekom’s innovation competition, please visit www.telekom-innovationcontest.com; www.twitter.com/innocontest; and www.facebook.com/innocontest.

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