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Electronic archives in HungaryThe practical implementation of the Electronic Archives may soon begin in Hungary since the project coordinator Consortium concluded the general supply contract with T-Systems Hungary. The Hungarian Electronic Archives has set itself the goal of adapting the most widespread software solutions in Europe to meet its own needs, as it intends to adapt solutions used in countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Austria. Members of the Consortium, and employees of the Hungarian National Archives, Budapest City Archives, and the National Info-Communications Services described the most important stages in the construction of the Hungarian system. The aim of the Electronic Archives is to accurately record, process, publicise and store large volumes of electronic documents in the long-term.

Currently, there are several archives projects under way in a number of European countries, and Hungary has recently joined these efforts. "Today, when every document is handled electronically, data is turned into information through complex network structures therefore our present knowledge has become insufficient. In the era of digital information, we are turning archives into institutions of memory. Most of all, this requires more effective cooperation with government organs responsible for electronic public administration, and we must also aim at becoming equal partners to document generators, who primarily create documents electronically," said dr. Zsuzsanna Mikó, director general of the Hungarian National Archives.

With the widespread use of information and communication technologies, the social role of archives also increases. Through conventional roles, archives ensure that many hundreds of years old documents can reliably survive together with the indefeasible rights attached thereto. The transparency of government decisions is guaranteed in the 21st century, therefore, archives have become important institutions of democracy. The document generators, members of bodies with a public-service mission, and researchers may access the documents they may be interested in online. Members of the Consortium coordinating the realisation of the Electronic Archives project explained the benefits of the well-functioning European archives and the challenges of the latest digital systems, after describing the Hungarian project.

The Consortium has been working on the realisation of the Electronic Archives since 2008. The budget of the 2013 project was 2.9 billion, which is funded entirely by the European Union. The project came to a milestone in October 2012: the general supply procedure came to anchor after the third attempt as the Consortium signed the contract with T-Systems Hungary. With the signing of the contract, the practical realisation of the Electronic Archives can now also begin in Hungary. The hardware solution delivered by T-Systems Hungary is the safest disaster-proof system; the heightened protection of the archive system is guaranteed by the latest solutions hence not a single document may be lost.

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