Free Internet access on InterCity and suburban trains

Free Internet access on InterCity and suburban trains for sixty five million passengers a year

Free Internet access on InterCity and suburban trains Budapest, 14 March 2013 “MÁV-START will increase the number of trains suitable for Internet access. Thus up to sixty five million passengers might be able to use the latest service on InterCity and suburban trains. Having installed this facility in all 735 affected trains, MÁV-START will have a leading role in Central Europe and will be in the vanguard in a pan-European context in this respect”, said Csaba Ungvári, general manager of the railways at the company’s press conference held today.

At the joint press conference of MÁV-START and Magyar Telekom Tibor Rékasi, deputy CEO of T-Systems Hungary pointed out: “The market leading service provider, Magyar Telekom is committed to the expansion of broadband coverage in order to increase mobility and the country’s competitiveness. With the help of WiFi connection made available in railway carriages, data traffic will be transacted through T-Systems’ Data Centre, Central Europe’s largest data centre installed in Telekom’s mobile network. This will contribute to a significant increase in the number of mobile internet users.”

Today the MÁV-START fleet will have additional thirty one carriages suitable for online access and from now on, between twenty and thirty InterCity and suburban trains will be equipped with the latest service of the railway company every week. Completion of the installation of WiFi routers in each of the 735 affected carriages and motor units in the workshops is expected by 30 July, thus the most recent development will be available on nearly 800 trains in circulation. The telecommunication service provider of the system is Magyar Telekom Nyrt., and the uninterrupted installations are performed by MÁV-GÉPÉSZET Zrt. and Stadler Magyarország Vasúti Karbantartó Kft. On-board wireless Internet offering 7.2 Mbps maximum bandwidth, which is sufficient primarily for correspondence, reading portals and visiting social media websites will be available for passengers free of charge in carriages prepared for this function. As a result of the investment, up to sixty five million passengers will have access to internet on these lines each year. The company will mark the trains equipped with WiFi by stickers outside and inside. Within the framework of implementation, T-Systems Hungary, a % subsidiary of Magyar Telekom supplied the solution and will provide uninterrupted WiFi service.

Since September 2011, MÁV-START has been providing wireless online access free of charge on several of its trains. Passengers are satisfied, on the basis of the experiences and measures, an increasing number of people use the service. As many as several hundreds of people may connect to the system on a train, and this is actually the case seen on Fridays and Sundays in the peak passenger traffic periods. The affected trains have been travelling on the Budapest-Keleti–Miskolc–Nyíregyháza–Debrecen–Szolnok–Budapest Nyugati line, and as a result of extension, part of the passengers travelling between Budapest, Vác, Szob, Újszász, Cegléd, Szolnok and Pécs can have online access on the trains. After April, passengers will also be able to use the service on the other IC and suburban trains travelling to other destinations within the country.

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