Hungary's leading infocommunication company established by merger of four companies

Hungary's leading infocommunication company established by merger of four companiesT-Systems Hungary is set to begin operations on 1 October 2012 as Hungary's sole service provider with a full-scale and comprehensive infocommunication technology (ICT) product portfolio. Owned 100% by Magyar Telekom, the new company is brought to life through the merger of four long-established industry stakeholders in the Hungarian market. Owing to the experiences and knowledge amassed by the predecessors, Hungary's one and market-leading ICT company has been born to provide full-scale telecommunication and IT infrastructure and application development services, as well as system integration services which are indispensable for everyday operations. Through its integrated solutions and, not the least, its convenient, effective and customisable single-channel contact model, the new T-Systems Hungary is already serving more than 5500 large corporate and government public administration clients. This makes the company a leader not only in the Hungarian market, but also one of the most important information and communication technology companies in Europe. With nearly 2000 employees and through the synchronisation of company competences and providing flexible solutions, the new T-Systems Hungary offers expert partnership and a safe infocommunication hinterland to its clients, employees and partners – and thereby shaping the future of Hungarian companies and hence the economy of Hungary.

Magyar Telekom succeeded in recognising in good time the trend of interfusion of IT and telecommunication has and was quick to build and implement a conscious and successful acquisition strategy to exploit the expanding market opportunities in this domain. The expertise and experience amassed by the Hungarian companies associated with the group looks back on many decades of history. The fact that T-Systems Hungary is the first in the Hungarian market to synchronise corporate competences in one company and to introduce its new integrated service structure, the "360 degree" model, is a result of long development and careful and deliberate work. In the story that begins concurrently with the economic and market changes of the change of regime, the most important and valuable periods of Hungarian telecommunication and IT are intertwined. Enjoying wide recognition in the industry, IQSYS Informatikai és Tanácsadó Zrt, Dataplex Kft. and ISH Informatikai Kft. are set merge into T-Systems Hungary (called KFKI Zrt. prior to the April change of the corporate name) on 30 September 2012 with Daten-Kontor Kft. to follow suit sometime in 2013. The concerned brands represent significant and recognised value and expertise in the Hungarian market. The unified company, having comprehensive expert knowledge, aims to preserve and further develop all it has gained so far.

"The integration of the companies concerned has been planned and managed to produce a result where 1 plus 1 in the end comes to be more than 2. It feels good to see that we have succeeded. By uniting these Hungarian success stories we did not merely add together, but multiplied the professional competence of the new corporation", said CEO Róbert Budafoki on the occasion of the launch of the integrated T-Systems Hungary.

The integrated corporate operation of the new company that fully covers the demands of its wide-ranging clientele is unprecedented in Hungary, and is considered as a rare solution in the international network of T-Systems International, which is recognised as one of the world's largest infocommunication service providers. This makes the renewed service provider a leader not only in the Hungarian market, but also one of the most important information and communication technology companies in Europe. And we are especially proud of this” added Christopher Mattheisen, president and CEO of Magyar Telekom Nyrt. making reference to the international relations of the new ICT company.

Being a 100%-owned subsidiary of Magyar Telekom, T-Systems Hungary Ltd. provides large corporations and the public sector and institutions comprehensive telecommunication and IT infrastructure and application development services as well as system integration services that are indispensable for their everyday operation. The establishment of the new integrated organisation and brand is a major milestone in the history of the company group that has now managed to put the market knowledge and experience which the predecessors have amassed into a solid framework. The integrated T-Systems Hungary has multiplied the strength, knowledge and efficiency of the predecessors who have – until now – operated independently. For technological development – virtualisation, network technologies, security solutions – have allowed service-type ICT solutions to emerge. Today therefore there is a need for industry service providers that have the necessary competence, knowledge of the Hungarian market, and can give clients access to their expert knowledge through customisable consulting that includes everything from concept building to implementation. It is this expectation of the users that called the new and integrated T-Systems Hungary to life as the new corporation gives more than just service; it guarantees a competitive edge.

The expert team with massive experiences and great achievements in the field of comprehensive solutions that are not only marketable but also represent high added value (such as landline and mobile services; voice, data, internet, network infrastructure and security; IT infrastructure and security, packaged and individual applications, business intelligence and information management, cloud-based IT, business applications) is our guarantee that corporate and institutional customers receive flexible and comprehensive service. All this is provided through comprehensive single-channel solutions with all their practical and financial benefits.

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