Retail sector preparing for innovation

Retail sector preparing for innovation The Laurel Retail conference this year focused on the issue of online connection of the cash registers with the system of the National Tax and Customs Administration.

The forum, held in the Siófok Hotel Azúr with the support of T-Systems Hungary on 24-25 April, focused on ways in which effectiveness can be improved by deploying the latest info-communication solutions. It is clear that the retail industry actors are most engaged by the question of the online connection to be established between the cash registers and the system of the National Tax and Customs Administration for a number of reasons.

On the one hand, they still find the deadlines set by the authorities difficult to meet; many of the players in the sector believe this to be impossible to comply with.

On the other hand, the timing and volume of state support is uncertain, even though this is a pivotal issue because of the high investment costs of establishing online connection. The stakeholders in the retail sector are worried that the inherent problems associated with the transition may affect the customers.

One of the important lessons learnt from the conference is that today we can no longer talk about industry-specific info-communication solutions since the use of the various applications has gone far beyond the sectoral frameworks. However, improving efficiency and reducing costs have become more important than ever before, partly because of the high costs associated with the connection of the cash registers. For this very reason on behalf of T-Systems Hungary, Péter Szabó focused on increasing cost-efficiency in his presentation as he went through all the methods and info-communication solutions that can make a difference.

It was also clear from the forum that the retail sector was trying to find innovative IT solutions, which was also indicated by the fact that there were one and a half times more attendees at this year's conference than in 2011. It is also important to note that numerous technological innovations will be introduced widely across the sector from electronic shelf labelling to entirely self-service shopping solutions.

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