Single brand structure — 4G experience


  • Telekom standardises its brand structure: simultaneously with the introduction of the single “T” brand, a new and dynamic image will be adopted.
  • By the end of the year mobile internet service based on the 4G/LTE technology will be accessible for nearly 40% of the country’s population and the company’s 4G/LTE sets and tariffs will increase.
  • Next has arrived: tariff packages including unlimited domestic or intra-network conversations and text messages with data that can also be used in a 4G/LTE network!
  • Cine-arena: no longer only for interactive TV customers

Single brand structure — 4G experienceAs recently announced by Magyar Telekom, the purpose of its new operating structure is to provide even more up-to-date and efficient services to its customers. Its core activity is extended in the direction of the new online capabilities and the digital home and the company’s presence in non-core business areas are further enhanced. The requirement of transferability between the technologies and simpler and more transparent operation resulted in changes in the brand strategy. In this spirit the company intends to standardise its brand structure during 2013: preserving the values of the currently powerful market, combine them into a single brand over the medium term. The brand name Telekom, which has been used up to now by Magyar Telekom as its own, non-core brand linked with its business services, will be extended to all services offered to the population, small and medium-sized businesses in the future. The aim is to provide the customers with access to all services, whether mobile or landline telephony, home or mobile Internet, interactive television, healthcare or insurance, under a single brand name in the future. However, the adoption of a single T brand name will leave large corporate customers unaffected, as they will continue to be provided with full telecommunications and IT services in infrastructure, application development and system integration by Telekom group’s member company, T-Systems Hungary.

Simultaneously with the introduction of the single brand name, Telekom will also adopt a new and more easily identifiable image to trigger a more up-to-date and dynamic experience by its appearance. The resuscitated image will allow a more marked than usual appearance of the Telekom brand in the telecommunication market operating in an environment of sharp competition, in the new business areas and during cooperation with partners.

“Communication with our customers will be simplified and facilitated in the future by appearance with a clearly identifiable brand in the Hungarian market, too”, said Christopher Mattheisen, president and CEO of Magyar Telekom. “We endeavour to flexibly respond to the changes in the customer requirements and be able to capitalise on new and innovative service opportunities, offering genuine customer experience to both retail, SME and large corporate subscribers. Towards this end, we plan to provide, during 2013, nearly 40 percent of the population with access to 4G/LTE-based service, which opens up a new dimension in mobile online connection. All this means a higher level of service also for corporate customers as the most modern network is ensured for their more efficient and more mobile operation”, he added.

In Hungary Telekom tested the 4G/LTE network with its customers in the autumn of 2011, and in January 2012 – first among Hungarian mobile service providers – it launched commercial mobile Internet service based on 4G/LTE. By the end of last year, 99% of the population of Budapest had been covered by outdoor 4G/LTE*, while the indoor coverage had also increased to 83 percent of the population of Budapest. Currently the service is available outdoors* for nearly 27 percent of the country’s population. According to the service provider’s plans, by the end of 2013 4G/LTE coverage will be provided in additional rural areas, providing (*outdoor) access to nearly 40 percent of the Hungarian population.

In order to further extend mobile broadband coverage, modernise the network and upgrade to the next generation, Telekom considers it important to implement efficient spectrum economy to ensure that the frequencies available or released subsequently can be utilised in the most efficient manner and most favourably for the customers.

Telekom has set the goal to provide all its customers who have the suitable equipment with access to the experience of using the most up-to-date mobile Internet service available in Hungary, 4G/LTE, irrespectively of the tariff package used. Accordingly, the company gradually increases the tariff packages allowing the use of the 4G/LTE network. From 1 April 2013 on, the customers may enjoy the benefits of the 4G/LTE network if they choose the Mosaic, S or M tariff package. The cheapest tariff, called Mosaic XS, will also provide access to the 4G/LTE network, if the customer purchases a “Net&Roll 1GB LTE” supplementary data option to complete his tariff package.

Next has arrived! As from 1 April, Telekom will introduce two new tariff packages offering the experience of unlimited freedom. The new tariff packages include unlimited conversation and text messages, and the volume of data included in them can also be used in Telekom’s 4G/LTE network: one can talk for an unlimited time and send any number of text messages for HUF 15,990 per month within the mobile network under the Next L tariff package, and for HUF 20,990 per month in any basic tariff direction in Hungary under the Next XL tariff package. 2 GB data are included for smaller, and 3 GB for larger packages, and moreover, further free services, like a free Duonet option, are also included in the monthly fee. In addition an extra service can also be selected: either the Travel&Surf M or the Superservice supplementary service.

The SMEs giving preference to the benefits of 4G/LTE may select (from M to XXXL) from the ÉnCégem tariff offer for small screens, or the various Business Net packages are available (from M to XXXL) for large screens, including tablets and notebooks. The Business Net packages (from M to XXXL) are also available for large corporations for small or large screens.

In agreement with the objectives set for the retail and SME markets, T-Systems Hungary constantly increases the number of its services built on 4G/LTE benefits, focusing on one-off business Internet and intranet services.

Telekom also constantly widens the supply of mobile devices suitable for operation in the 4G/LTE network. In addition to the iPhone 5 and iPad apparatuses that have been made compatible with 4G/LTE, its offer includes HTCOneSV and Sony Xperia Z smartphones, and the ASUS Padphone, a tablet and a telephone combined, will also start to sell soon. If a tariff including LTE services is applied, these tools are instrumental in making maximum benefit of the technological advantages: videos downloading like a shot and as sharp as a needle, and games made even more enjoyable by short response time, and increased experience at the same speed.

In addition to the good quality network and innovative apparatuses, Telekom also offers high-standard content to its customers. As the Moziaréna (Cinearena) service available on several screens has been improved, in addition to T-Home’s subscribers to interactive television, it will shortly be accessible for all customers of Telekom and other service providers. Customers interested in films can make their choices on an online surface, and subsequently they can inspect the selected films on a laptop, a tablet or even a smartphone suitable for using the service. Moreover, from now on customers can pay the service by bank card. Please, find additional details and conditions on the websites of T-Mobile and T-Home. (For further information on Telekom’s 4G/LTE services, please visit

* Outdoor retail coverage, %: percentage ratio of the number of inhabitants residing in areas determined by points considered as covered outdoor on the basis of the retail distribution map drawn according to the registered residence addresses of the population, and the total population.On such specified areas mobile Internet service can be used outside buildings.
** If a two-year loyalty is undertaken.

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