T-Systems Data Centre awarded the Energy Efficient Company prize

T-Systems Data Centre awarded the Energy Efficient Company prizeAs a result of developments going on for several years, T-Systems Hungary’s Data Centre now saves five hundred households’ energy – and this high efficiency is confirmed by the Energy Efficient Company prize handed over to Gábor Szabó, head of T-Systems’ Data Centre within the Virtual Power Plant Programme.

T-Systems’ Data Centre, a facility that serves Hungary’s largest IT infrastructure has been awarded the Energy Efficient Company prize in the framework of the Virtual Power Plant Programme. The award was handed over by Katalin Szili, founder and honorary chairperson of the National Council of Sustainable Development and Balázs Fürjes, director of the Virtual Power Plant Programme Non-profit company to Gábor Szabó, head of T-Systems’ Data Centre at a ceremony held in the Tapestry Hall of Parliament. Since 2010 developments related to energy efficiency have been carried out in T-Systems’ Data Centre in a standardised and audited framework: the company had set up its energy management system already before the relevant standard of the EU entered into force, and was the first among all businesses to verify it in Hungary in compliance with the new requirements when the relevant EU standard (ISO 50.001) became effective. The essence of the system is that energy management is the core element in the corporate management system, and every single factor that affects consumption is measurable in the audited environment. Actually, T-Systems’ Data Centre exceeds this requirement: in addition to the full range of its technological systems, every customer’s consumption can be separately metered in its network containing 34 thousand metering points. Thus aside from energy efficiency, this development also supports the business operation of several hundreds of T-Systems Data Centre customers: instead of the floor area occupied by servers, the company offers cloud services – including collocation and hosting segments – on the basis of the electricity consumed, thus one of the main distinctive features of cloud services: prompt and flexible adjustment to the effective requirements is implemented. In possession of the information revealed by the metering system, the T-Systems Data Centre contributed HUF 1 billion of its equity to start a capital investment project that will be completed in 2014. Within this framework, the complete pipe system, pump network and in-house precision air conditioning system was renewed in 2012. The demanding audit that preceded the Virtual Power Plant Programme’s decision confirmed that as a result of the developments made so far, the Data Centre saves 1.3 million kilowatts per hour, corresponding to the consumption of five hundred households per year. The Virtual Power Plant Programme was announced after the European Union’s decision-makers confirmed the implementation of the 3x20 objectives during Hungary’s presidency of the European Union in 2011. The Member States undertook to cut greenhouse gas emission and improve energy efficiency by 20 percent, and increase the use of renewable resources in energy generation by again 20 percent up to 2020. The Virtual Power Plant Programme was set up in Hungary for the purpose of implementing these objectives. The programme collects, documents and monitors energy efficiency projects in the corporate segment. As suggested by the name of the programme, the objective is to replace an average capacity plant in Hungary, in other words, to save 200 megawatts of energy.

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Being a 100%-owned subsidiary of Magyar Telekom, T-Systems Hungary Ltd. provides large corporations and the public sector and institutions comprehensive telecommunication and IT infrastructure and application development services as well as system integration services that are indispensable for their everyday operation. With more than 1800 employees and 1700 supplier partners, the new, integrated T-Systems Hungary Ltd., established on 1 October 2012, is Hungary’s market leading infocommunication service provider. The expertise and experience amassed by the company has a history of several decades. For further information, please visit the company’s official site at www.t-systems.hu

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The highly secure data centre of T-Systems is the most important provider of infocommunication co-location in Hungary. The Budapest facility of the Data Centre operates the highest standard technology currently available in the world, offering its customers practically unlimited data transmission band width and optimum network conditions. The security system, which meets the most stringent standards, the highest level fire prevention, guaranteed uninterrupted electricity supply and the sophisticated regulation of the environmental conditions ensure the protection and reliable operation of the equipment and applications.


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