Telekom to introduce a new, integrated customer relations and billing system

TELEKOM TO INTRODUCE A NEW, INTEGRATED CUSTOMER RELATIONS AND BILLING SYSTEMIn April, 2013 Magyar Telekom will start the introduction of a new and modern customer relations and billing system, which can be considered as unique in the telecommunication industry even in a European context. The successful introduction of up-to-date, new-generation system prepared to serve 21-century requirements contributes to the market leading telecommunication service provider’s ability to provide accessible, high-standard and efficient service to retail, SME and corporate customers any time at any place.

Magyar Telekom will introduce a highly developed and integrated customer relations and billing system that runs reliably to ensure considerable improvement in customer experience and customer service that is more efficient than ever. With the help of the modern IT and technological background of the new-generation system, the data of all transactions performed by millions of customers will be processed in a standardised and integrated manner in full compliance with the best industry practice and the relevant Hungarian legislative requirements, and thus the system will allow simpler, easier and faster service to and administration for retail, SME and large corporate customers. Starting from October 2013, the customer service process related to the landline services provided for the complete retail clientele will be performed by the new system, which will achieve its full functionality, including mobile products, in 2014.

In relation to the start of the new system, Attila Keszég, Magyar Telekom’s deputy CEO for Retail Services explained: “In terms of our strategic objectives, focused on the improvement of customer experience and online operation, we assign key significance to the introduction of an up-to-date, integrated and reliable customer relations and billing system at Magyar Telekom. Our purpose is to commission the new system as soon as possible in the interest of our customers, while we need to ensure uninterrupted service, our customers’ convenience and high-standards in services. We would like to carry out this unique modernisation in a responsible and customer-oriented manner, as it may underpin Telekom’s market leading position in the field of customer services. Among other factors, this is why we decided in favour of gradual introduction.”

Introduction of the new system has become indispensable also because Magyar Telekom has the sector's most extensive clientele and product supply. If customers and products are managed in a standardised system, new offers may sooner appear in the market and the fulfilment time is shorter, in other words, customers receive the ordered product or service sooner. Simpler, faster and more flexible administration increases customer convenience. Our customers, especially the young, increasingly demand online administration accessible at any time and any place. Magyar Telekom’s new-generation system enables the service provider to offer a simple to use solution meeting the requirements of 21st century’s online world.

Once full functionality is achieved, Telekom will issue simpler and more transparent invoices in a new format. This new-generation system will also allow the implementation of a standardised Telekom invoice for all services. Further favourable changes will be introduced in billing, e.g. the preferences used will be represented more clearly. Thanks to the modern IT background, the number of successful transactions is expected to rise and the number of complaints on invoices to fall. The innovative system will considerably cut operating costs as a result of replacing old technologies.

The new-generation system unparallelled in Europe’s telecommunication industry in terms of size and complexity will be developed and introduced as a result of Telekom’s largest ever IT and transformation project, which was launched in 2010 and affected nearly 80 corporate system. A team of experts comprising more than 300 persons is implementing the project in close cooperation with senior system integrators and nearly 70 supplier companies. Roughly two-thirds of the suppliers are Hungarian SME’s, which suggests that the Hungarian IT sector meets the European standard and Telekom is committed to strengthening competitiveness in the SME sector. The dimensions of the project are characterised by the fact that the design documentation comprised more than 70 thousand pages and the number of tests performed so far by the specialists engaged in implementation exceeds 10,000.

On account of the IT switch over and data migration required for the start of the integrated system, certain administration opportunities will be available only in part in Telekom’s shops and no self-service administration can be arranged by phone or online between 17 and 21 April 2013.On Saturday, 20 April 2013, shops will be closed.In the interest of a smooth system start, Telekom requests its customers not to schedule administration on these days unless absolutely necessary.According to the plans, similar conversions will take place in July and October 2013.Magyar Telekom will provide undisturbed services during the conversion, and installation and fault repair will not be affected by the system start. Telekom will give all information related to the start of the new customer service system through several communication channels.


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