The development of the TÉBA-Module is coming to an end

The development of the TÉBA-Module is coming to an endThe development of the project modules in the "TÉBA - Modernisation of Family Assistance Disbursement" is coming to an end. The development aimed to modernise the supply of support under the New Széchenyi Plan and is being implemented with funds from the Electronic Public Administration Operative Programme (EKOP). One of T-Systems Hungary's legal predecessors, IQSYS Zrt. was selected in the largest public procurement project in March 2010. The beneficiary of the project was the Governmental Information-Technology Development Agency (KIFÜ), host organisation: the Hungarian State Treasury.

The main objective of the TÉBA programme is to simplify individual financial government processes and to increase the effectiveness of the concerned public administrative activities. A new, integrated information system will be born as a result of the development to support and electronise the tasks relating to the application, the payment and control of family support; the registration of data used to support family allowance, financing, and public education and welfare services-related tasks. The newly established system enables the unified management of allowances paid by the Hungarian State Treasury to citizens.

With the introduction of the TÉBA system, the related processes became more effective and also monitorable. As a further advantage, the expectations for a more modern client information system are fulfilled reinforcing thereby the functions of a service provider state. As far as family support is concerned, the new solution replaces the already obsolete systems that operated independent of each other, and takes into consideration the infrastructural and technical peculiarities of the cooperating organisations (such as the National Health Insurance Fund, the National Tax and Customs Administration, and the concerned ministries).

The TÉBA-system - being a national database - will integrate the receipt, assessment and financing of personal family support and disability support applications that are financed from the government budget, and the control mechanisms built into the support supplies and on-site control activities relating to the family, public education, and welfare support tasks. In addition to this, effective support is given through reliable, accurate and up-to-date data supply in order to help international and national information and analytical tasks.

The system implemented under the TÉBA project is based on a modern technological base, which is more capable of adapting to the potential changes in the regulatory environment in a simpler and more dynamic manner than before. Every component of the system offers an entirely browser-based user interface and hence may be suitable for online use depending on authentication and security settings.

Also under the TÉBA project, an online and interactive system of rules was established, which can ensure the up-to-date tracking of regulatory changes affecting institutions and households alike. The submission of individual applications, performing pre-calculations and the entire assessment process in family support is now performed on a single platform. All this promotes the cooperation of household and institutional clients on the basis of a unified, online regulatory framework. Therefore the new system can be an effective tool to support online customer service, programme officers and consultants.

The primary aim of setting up a unified system that may be run effectively and cost efficiently was to modernise the internal processes of the Treasury; however, the faster and more accurate disbursement of support will be a tangible benefit for public users.

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