The driving force behind competitiveness is ICT

The driving force behind competitiveness is ICTWith more than one hundred top executives participating, the event hosted plenary session and free discussions as well as several round-table talks XXV. Jubilee CEO Meeting in Sárvár.

Being the driving force behind competitiveness, IC may not only help companies to grow, but may even promote growth in the entire country, as was the main message of CEO Róbert Budafoki at the XXV. Jubilee CEO Meeting in Sárvár.

He then went on to add that T-Systems Hungary wished to play a mediator role between the latest ICT developments, technologies and the Hungarian corporations, which so often were unaware of the effective application of these devices. It is hoped that as a result, profitable operation may be achieved despite the economic crisis. The CEO meeting, held with the participation of more than one hundred top executives, saw plenary sessions, free discussions and a number of round-table talks.

As the main sponsor of the event on 12 April, T-Systems Hungary was represented by the sales division head, Tamás Vágány at the Information Technology and Innovation Round-Table talks; he emphasised that innovation was in the focal point of company activities. First of all, we closely work together with all our suppliers and support and promote their innovations. Secondly, we perform continuous in-house development on our own and our partners' products and services with an innovative approach. Thirdly, with products and services offered to our clients, we promote their own innovative activities.

Tamás Vágány added, "our extensive innovative activity is backed up by vast volumes of Hungarian grey matter, represented by the nearly one thousand engineers working for T-Systems Hungary.

The forum was also attended by Vilmos Vályi-Nagy, the state secretary for info-communications at the Ministry of National Development.

The imposing Spirit Hotel Sárvár T-Systems Lounge was the perfect and permanent setting for free discussions, networking, while building and nurturing relations continued well into the night.

Cloud technology is a little different in that it is not an entirely new thing. It is more of a novel combination of already existing - at least at an elemental level - and dynamically developing technologies, services and sale methods of the expected level of development, which was able to ultimately reshape the operation of the entire info-communication sector among the industry actors and among the users alike. How does corporate computing work traditionally? I employ experts to operate my own devices at my own worksites with the hardware and software applications I purchased. This model is being transformed in front of our very eyes. When we take the cloud paradigm to the extremes, the company should have nothing else than what differentiates it from the competition; all other elements it can use as service.

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