From today on you may enjoy HD quality mobile voice at Telekom

  • Telekom's mobile customers are the first to enjoy excellent HD voice quality in Hungary - free of charge. 
  • The service is available on a nationwide basis.
  • HD voice can be automatically used in Telekom's mobile network (3G and 4G/LTE coverage) with the use of HD ready telephones.

HD voice After the successful tests in Budapest, Magyar Telekom, first in Hungary, makes HD voice technology available to its customers. Users of Telekom's broadband mobile network (3G and 4G/LTE coverage) and HD voice ready devices may automatically enjoy the clarity of the nationwide available HD quality.

In relation to the introduction of the service Attila Keszég, Chief Commercial Officer, Residential, emphasized:  „Owing to the new HD voice the quality of telephone conversations is further improved. The result is a richer, clearer and crisper sound and Telekom customers may now - and in the future - enjoy this feature free of charge. Our innovative HD Sound service is another step in our series of customer experience enhancing developments."

HD Voice offers excellent voice quality as  the new voice transmission standard can transfer even more voice signals in a broader frequency range: the 300-3400 Hz frequency transmission range of voice coders is extended to 50-7000 Hz. Customers have nothing to do to enjoy the new feature, the crystal clear, new sound is felt clearly and immediately if both calling parties have a HD voice ready smart phone and use Telekom's broadband mobile network.  Telekom introduced HD voice to customers following several months of trial period covering the southern areas of Budapest. The technical background of the service was provided by Ericsson.

Currently many smart phones offered by Telekom allow to use the HD voice service, like, among others, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, Nokia Lumia 820 and 920.

Magyar Telekom as a market/innovation leader service provider strives to offer more and more perfect services to its customers by continuously expanding its service portfolio and introducing new solutions.

HD sound around the world

After a long test period Orange was the first in September, 2009 to introduce HD Voice as a mobile service in Moldavia. The first HD Voice ready device was Nokia 6720c.  Deutsche Telekom group's customers may enjoy the service in Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania and now in Hungary. T-Mobile USA was the first US operator that made HD Voice nationwide available, after its announcement at CES in January, 2013. Other operators providing HD quality voice services in certain countries: Megafon,  WIND,  A1, Telstra, Mobiltel, Swisscom, Three, Bell Mobility , Vodafone, KPN, Play Mobile, Rogers, Telus, Chunghwa Telecom,Saudi Telecom. Based upon the latest GSA report currently 41 operators offer HD quality voice services in 33 countries.

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