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  • Telekom's community bicycle rental programme has entered its test phase

Telekom's own community bicycle rental system, TeleBike, started operating with the launch of a Hungarian innovation: a chainless maintenance bike used for the servicing of bicycles within the TeleBike system and an easily manageable registration solution.  The initiative proved a success already in the first test month: it has been used by nearly 700 employees since its launch. Built on innovative solutions and available only to company employees, the system was brought to life by Telekom in cooperation with Csepel Zrt.

TeleBike A unique initiative in Hungary, the self-service bicycle rental programme known as TeleBike was launched on 24 May 2013 by Telekom. This is the first free bicycle rental service that lets users borrow bicycles for short-term urban use. Company employees can borrow bicycles at standardised and easy-to-recognise bike stations; use of the bikes allows them to travel faster between the company's Budapest office buildings while exerting the smallest amount of environmental load.

"It is nice to know that we are showing new ways with the launch of this latest form of community bicycle rental, and also that the innovative ideas and solutions used in the implementation of the program can open up new perspectives and new avenues for development.  Not only is the initiative an innovative solution, not only does it serve the ideal of sustainability, but is also a testimony to our commitment to a liveable future,” said Róbert Pataki, Telekom's Deputy CEO of Business Development.

TeleBike In the six-month pilot period that will last until the autumn, the TeleBike programme will operate a total of 40 bicycles. The employees can use the bikes to travel between the four business sites of Telekom and T-Systems Hungary. The bikes may be borrowed using a PIN code or a customer card by staff member who register in the system. In case of any issues, a dedicated customer service and hotline is available to resolve any problems. 

The bicycle rental system has been developed and implemented by Telekom in close cooperation with Csepel Zrt . The Hungarian-owned bicycle manufacturing plant is responsible not only for the production and delivery of the bikes but also for their regular maintenance. Equipped with a trailer, the company's Stringbike type bicycle is used as a logistic and a maintenance vehicle as well. The initiator Telekom was responsible for setting up the stations, the development of the registration system and the solution that would guarantee the safety of the bikes: each bike in the unique fleet monitoring system is equipped with a GPS, which is an effective solution against theft.

"We are particularly pleased with this type of cooperation not only because this alternative of urban cycling is an excellent initiative, but also because the TeleBike system hosts a number of innovative solutions. The Csepel logistic system, Telekom's fleet monitoring system, and the registration process itself are among the most modern solutions known today,” added Péter Klimon, the CEO of Csepel Zrt.

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