The 4G mobile internet service of Telekom arrived to yet another seven county seats and numerous other settlements

  • Telekom switched in seven more county seats and numerous other settlements in its 4G network
  • The company’s modern, 4G based mobile internet service is available in the capital city and 87 more settlements, to more than 37% of the population*
  • Ever increasing 4G enabled terminal assortment and smartphones on promotional terms

4GThe mobile network modernisation of Telekom is in full swing: by mid July, 2013 the company covered additional county seats, large cities and other settlements with its modern 4G/LTE network. 4G, the next generation mobile internet is already available – among others – in the major part** of Békéscsaba, Kaposvár, Nyíregyháza, Pécs, Székesfehérvár, Tatabánya and Zalaegerszeg. Hence, further to the capital city the service is available* in 87 other settlements, to more than 37% of the population. (Settlements covered are listed under link www.telekom/

Telekom plans to cover further countryside settlements by year end with the 4G service.The company strives for improving the conditions of equal digital chances, so that ever more customers can enjoy the 4G experiences and advantages. In order to further increase coverage and maintain service quality, Telekom deems important to rapidly utilise the 4G/ LTE purpose frequencies currently available, as well those liberated later. 

The fastest, currently commercially available 4G based mobile internet service offers new possibilities also for Hungarian companies: cost efficient and flexible corporate mobility solutions are offered to small and medium enterprises by Magyar Telekom, and to large companies and publish administration organisations by T-Systems Hungary. These solutions include dashboard-applications, enabling corporate decision makers to have up-to-date information about the whole operation of the company – anytime and anywhere. In the fields of sales, marketing or service management the work of sales people operating in the field, as well as customer service representatives logging in remotely and leaders is supported by automated business processes, highly developed group activity tools and reports. 

As commonly known, the most important advantage of the 4G/ LTE technology experienced by users is the increased down- and upload speed*** as well as reduced latency time, resulting in even easier use of online applications – including programmes developed for business use – as well as games through the mobile network. Down- and uploading high definition, HD quality video films is significantly faster, and several programmes can also run simultaneously, without any problem. All these improve the experience of using mobile internet in a spectacular way.

Using the higher quality mobile internet service within the 4G coverage area requires a mobile internet package offered for 4G and a 4G enabled user terminal. Telekom continuously increases its 4G capable terminal assortment, by now already 14 models of 6 manufacturers are available in the company’s shops and online channels. The latest ones include the Sony Xperia SP and Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini smartphones, available from July 22 in our shops. The assortment of 4G capable terminals also includes USB modems and routers – which connect to the 4G/LTE network and distribute the large bandwidth offered by the technology between wifi enabled tools. Therefore in an apartment of office we can simultaneously use several tools (notebooks, tablets, smartphones) connected to the internet, utilising the advantages offered by the 4G/LTE network. Further to the ever increasing terminal assortment, Telekom offers numerous tariff packages developed for 4G to subscribers wishing to use the net without compromises.

Customers signing new subscriber contracts or in case of replacing terminals contracts with 2 years loyalty commitment can purchase certain smart devices with a discount even up to HUF 24,000.**** They can choose the below tariff packages offered for 4G:

  • for smart phones – Mozaik S, M, L, XL or XXL, Next L or XL
  • for tablets or notebooks (for use with USB modem) – Net&Roll S, M, L or GoldPartnerCard L

The list of smartphones included in the promotion, as well as information about the validity of the promotion, further details and conditions:

*Outdoor data
Outdoor coverage: In the given area the mobile internet service can be used outdoors and in certain cases in the area of outdoor coverage, also within buildings.Indoor coverage: In the given area the mobile internet service can be also used within buildings, taking into consideration that generally signal strength is higher near windows or on higher levels.Steel-concrete, coloured glass or heat reflecting foils significantly weaken signal strength. Surrounding buildings can also constitute obstacles to signal propagation. 

** Currently the 4G network is available:
outdoors in Békéscsaba, Zalaegerszeg, Székesfehérvár, Nyíregyháza, Tatabánya to 95% of the population- outdoors in Kaposvár to 90% of the population- outdoors in Pécs to 85% of the population
On average, currently indoor coverage is between 60 and 70% in the above cities.. 

***Speeds experienced by the subscriber depends on the existence of the appropriately enabled terminal – supporting the relevant technology – and tariff package, as well as on whether at the given location the network and the tariff package supports that speed, as well as on radio and traffic circumstances. 

****Versus the full list price of Telekom

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