Service to ensure the data transfer connection of new cash registers is ready at Telekom

Magyar Telekom is ready to provide its customers the service that it has developed to ensure the data transfer connection between the new cash registers and the system of the National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV).

Cash registers Following the necessary rounds of harmonisation Magyar Telekom signed with NAV in May the protocol specifying the technical framework required for service provisioning, which at the same time meant a memorandum of understanding on cooperation, then it successfully conducted the service tests in cooperation with the Tax Administration. As a result of the tests the service, using the solution developed by Telekom, ensuring the contact for data transfer between the server of NAV and the Tax Administration Control Unit (AEE), to be installed in cash registers, proved to be operational.

Telekom will provide the service developed in-house using the SIM chip cards delivered by T-Mobile Austria, the use of which will fully provide for compliance with the requirements determined by NAV as well as an uninterrupted data connection. Telekom is also ready to supply the SIM chips within a short deadline and in the amount expected on the basis of the available market forecasts, which will be able to connect to the network of every Hungarian service provider and ensure data transfer connection with the system of NAV, in accordance with the legal requirements.

In addition to small and medium-sized business (SMB) customers, Magyar Telekom through its subsidiary T-Systems Hungary will provide the service necessary for maintaining uninterrupted connection between cash registers and NAV and managing the data transfer of cash registers for enterprise customers as well.

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