Consortium Headed by T-Systems Hungary to Build BuBi

The solution adopted by TeleBike bike rental was selected by BKK when it announced the winner of the BuBi tender: T-Systems Hungary and its cooperating partner, Csepel Bicycle Manufacturing and Distributor Zrt.

Bubi2 The contract was signed in ceremonial settings on Wednesday, 7th August. Next year's HUF 899 million investment will see 75 collection stations spring up across the capital allowing users to use more than 1000 bicycles at any given time.

In the implementation of the BuBi project, T-Systems Hungary will be responsible for system integration, data communication, and the delivery of particular software applications, while Csepel Zrt will perform installations and manufacture and deliver the bicycles to system specifications. After the planned delivery of April 2014, in the first five years, the operating tasks of BuBi will be performed jointly by the two consortium members under the guidance and professional control of Csepel Zrt.

Bubi3Being a key actor in the Hungarian info-communication market, T-Systems Hungary has already proved itself worthy in various successful community transport-related projects commissioned by BKV Zrt. and numerous intercity bus service companies.

Csepel Zrt. has been a leader in the Hungarian bicycle market for 85 years. Not only has the company the manufacturing and delivery capacities required today, but it is also able to service the collection stations and the bicycles, and carry out various logistics-related tasks for the BuBi system.

The project implementation envisaged by the consortium formed by T-Systems Hungary and Csepel Zrt. is based on the involvement of presitigous subcontractors such as the Leipzig-based Nextbike Gmbh, which has already established and been operating community bike rental systems across the globe; they will, on the one hand, deliver the software that supports rental, logistics and service tasks, and - on the other - plan and build out the terminals and docks to form the backbone of the BuBi collection stations by redeveloping their own existing system. In meeting the necessary official and licensing requirements, and carrying out specific installation and implementation tasks, the consortium will rely on the expert services of Magyar Plastiroute Kft.

BuBi4In the course of installing the 75 collection stations, a total of more than 1506 docking stations will also be established. The stations will be laid out along the Margaret Island - Budafoki Road and the Deli Railway - Keleti Railway station axes and placed at intervals of about 300-500 meters within the busiest central zone. This will make more than 1000 bicycles available to users. In addition to the safety of the riders, the designers also paid particular attention to the security of the bikes as each will be equipped with a GPS module enabling the easy monitoring.

The system will be available day and night, all year round for use by registered users with annual passes and casual users alike. Fees may be payable at the terminals and on the website of the system by credit card. An advanced iOS and Android platform-compatible mobile application will also be available to complement the system to provide information concerning, for example, the nearest BuBi station, availability of space and bicycles, or the current credit balance of the user. Pick-up and drop-off of bicycles at the automatic collection points will be based on the concept of self-service. Bicycles may be dropped off at any stations within the network, while the even distribution of bicycles is ensured by the system itself.

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