Tüke Busz to Create 21st Century Passenger Information System

The effectiveness of the passenger information system is planned to be improved with the involvement of European Union funding by Tüke Busz Zrt. The operator of the Pécs local bus lines, the company can now spend more than HUF 500 million in the next few months on serving its clients better. The implementation of the project will be in the hands of one of the largest and most prestigious Hungarian providers of info-communication solutions in community transport: T-Systems Hungary.

tblogoThe contract is about to be signed by the representatives of the bus company and the contractor T-Systems Hungary in the coming weeks, which means that the delivery and installation of the technological devices that will make travel a more enjoyable and comfortable experience may already begin before the end of the summer. By the end of the entire project, Tüke Busz Zrt. will have 162 buses sporting the new passenger tuke_buszinformation system complete with the supporting IT infrastructure making travel significantly simpler and more convenient for tourists and locals alike.

Digital information boards will be placed on the buses; the on-board units will display the next bus stop, while the external boards will indicate the bus number and the route. Of this latter, there will be three on each bus: one at the front, one at the back and one on the right side of the bus making recognition of each bus line possible and easy at a glance. The on-board displays - articulated buses will have two for better visibility - will be supplemented by audio messages rendering community travel a more pleasant and safer experience for visually impaired passengers as well.

The above devices will also be added two dynamic passenger information boards at the Uranium Miners’ District (“Uránváros”) bus terminal, which will provide detailed information on bus routes and timetables. The seamless operation of the system will be guaranteed by on-board computers and modern central servers.

As a less spectacular component of the project, passenger counter sensors will be installed on six vehicles (including midi and articulated buses). This way Tüke Busz will be able to collect accurate and up-to-date data on passenger counts, which - in turn - will enable the optimisation of bus numbers.

The total project budget is nearly HUF 519 million, of which 82.965% comes from the Southern-Transdanubian Regional Development Operational Programme. The date of completion is 15 December, so passengers will most certainly come across this latest addition of convenience before the end of the year.

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