Service to Enable Data Transfer from New Cash Registers

Magyar Telekom is ready to begin the delivery of its latest product to its clients that enables data communication between the new cash registers and the National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV).

Service to Enable Data Transfer from New Cash Registers Following the necessary negotiations, Magyar Telekom signed the protocol, which was also considered an intent of cooperation which laid down the technical parameters of the new service with the NTCA in May, and then they also conducted a successful test-run in cooperation with the tax authority. The service that ensures data communication between the server of the National Tax and Customs Administration and the Taxation Control Unit (TCU) installed in the cash registers proved operable with the addition of Telekom's solution.

Developed by Telekom in house, the product will come equipped with T-Mobile Austria's SIM cards, which can guarantee the performance and the meeting of NTCA's strict requirements and ensure steady and constant data connection. Telekom is also ready to deliver the SIM chipsets in the required quantity established on the basis of the market predictions; the chips are capable of connecting onto the network of all Hungarian service providers to establish a connection to the system of the NTCA in full conformity with legal regulations.

In addition to SME customers, Magyar Telekom will - through its subsidiary T-Systems Hungary - also make it possible for large companies to access the service that enables constant connection with the NTCA and allows cash register data to be transferred.

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