Strategic Agreement Between Magyar Telekom and MOL

  • The strategic agreement between Magyar Telekom and MOL was signed today
  • The agreement focuses on sales, retail, energy retail, and information technology and telecommunications services

Magyar Telekom CEO, Christopher Mattheisen and MOL President/CEO, Zsolt Hernádi Zsolt signed the strategic agreement between the two company groups today in Budapest. The agreement is about future cooperation affecting sales, retail, energy retail, and information technology and telecommunications services.

Strategic Agreement Among others, the strategic document also contains an expression of interest with respect to the expansion of the various SME services, the opportunities for further commercial cooperation, and the areas of information technology and telecommunications. In addition to this, the two companies undertake to examine how they can possibly cooperate on the regional markets.

"Two major companies of the Central European region have entered today into an agreement on future cooperation. As of today, MOL views Magyar Telekom as one of its strategic partners and we will make every effort to grow and create value while mutually supporting each other. The cooperation is mutually beneficial to both parties and will, at the same time, contribute to the growth of the national economy; having said that, the main beneficiaries will be our clients since together, we will be able to deliver better and greater services," said MOL President/CEO, Zsolt Hernádi.

CEO of Magyar Telekom, Christopher Mattheisen added: "The agreement we signed here today means that two key market leader groups in Hungary's key industries have joined hands for the betterment of the customers and the country. Already today we can see a number of great opportunities for cooperation and I am convinced that our strategic partnership with MOL will be the hotbed for further future plans. We trust that linking our expertise with our capabilities we can achieve higher and greater results in Hungary and in the region alike."

About the MOL Group

The MOL Group ( is an independent, international, integrated oil and gas industry corporation with a seat in Budapest. Its operations extend to over 40 countries and employ nearly 30 000 employees. The MOL Group operates five crude oil refineries and two petrol chemical factories in Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia and Italy. The company group has more than 1700 service stations in Central and South East Europe, in 11 countries under seven brand names. MOL operates the 5800 km-long high-pressure natural gas pipeline system in Hungary. The group also participates in the regional gas trade.

About Magyar Telekom

Magyar Telekom ( is the largest integrated telecommunication service provider in Hungary offering the full range of telecommunication and ICT services, including landline and mobile telephony, data transfer and non-voice-based, information technology and system integration services. Magyar Telekom is the majority owner of Makedonski Telekom, the largest landline and mobile service provider of Macedonia, has majority interest in Crnogorski Telekom, the largest telecommunicaiton service provider of Montenegro, and is present in the telecommunication markets of Bulgaria and Romania as an alternative service provider.

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