• Magyar Telekom intends to double the high speed internet coverage, making the latest 4G/LTE technology available to almost 80 percent of the Hungarian population by 2015.

4GIn late September on an information day organized to investors of the company, Magyar Telekom announced its network development plans to further increase high speed coverage. By 2015 they plan to make the 4G/LTE based service – offering a new dimension to mobile internet – available to almost 80 percent of the Hungarian population outdoors. 

CEO Christopher Mattheisen confirmed: „We continue our successful efforts to handle the increased capacity requirements resulting from the significant data traffic increase by 2015. This also brings about higher level service to corporate customers, as we offer the most advanced network supporting their more efficient and mobile operation”. 

Telekom also continuously increases its assortment of 4G/LTE enabled mobile terminals. By now almost 30 different terminals of 6 manufacturers are available in its shops and webshops. The latest models include Samsung Galaxy Note 3, while smartphones Alcatel Idol S and LG Optimus G2 will soon be added to the portfolio. Joining this choice of devices will be the new Apple iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c offered for sale from today. Using these terminals – with an appropriate , 4G/LTE enabled tariff package – customers can capitalize on the advantages of the technology. Websites are downloaded with the speed of lightening, even HD quality videos can be played without hiccups, while online games offer even better experiences resulting from short reaction times. 

Telekom continuously increases and renews the range of 4G/LTE enabled tariff packages, including the Next packages offering the experience of unlimited freedom. The new Next packages offer unlimited calls and SMS messages with more favorable terms than ever before, while the bundled data volume can also be used in the 4G/LTE network of Telekom.

The residential Next M tariff package – ordered without terminal - costs HUF 10,990 monthly and includes unlimited inland calls and SMS as well as 500 MB data volume. The Next S costs HUF 6,490 monthly and includes unlimited calls within the Telekom network and 500 MB data. Telekom subscribers can call up to 5 million customers unlimited for these amounts, upon taking a loyalty commitment for the tariff package for 2 years.

In the Connection program the operator intends to honor the trust of customers with extra benefits, therefore Next M will be available for HUF 9,990 and Next S for HUF 5,940 monthly to gold and platinum subscribers, within the loyalty program. Business users – depending on the number of SIM cards subscribed by the company – can buy the Business Next tariff package from Telekom for even HUF 9,990 with 500 MB data, while (conditioned subject to certain conditions) users can also get smartphones for HUF 0 and buy extra data volume under favorable terms. In January, 2012 Telekom – as the first Hungarian mobile operator – launched the commercial 4G/LTE based mobile internet service. By late 2012 the 99% residential outdoor 4G/LTE coverage* was achieved, while indoor 4G/LTE coverage increased to 83 %. Currently the service is available to almost 40% of Hungarian population outdoors*.

Information about the above tariff package is not complete, further details about conditions and the availability of the 4G network:

*Outdoor coverage defined according to the distribution map based on registered addresses, being the percentage proportion of population living under the registered addresses versus the total population. In the specified area the mobile internet service is available outside buildings.

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