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T-Systems Hungary Symposium Focuses on the Perspectives of Hungarian ICT Sector

The one day T-Systems Hungary Symposium topic for this year was the future of ICT that is considered a key sector for domestic economy, and the role of digitalization. The speakers touched upon the opportunities of state and private sectors. T-Systems Hungary introduced this symposium that is one of the largest scale events of this industry with over 1110 guests to establish a tradition and create a forum for the enterprises and the decision makers of the industry to start a dialog on the future of the sector.


T-Systems Hungary Symposium 2013 organized at the Budapest Congress Center had ten specialized sections and over fifty speakers on November 13, 2013. The Symposium this year focused on the future and offered related technology and business presentations.  

Christopher Mattheisen, the CEO of Magyar Telekom pointed out during his presentation New levels of digitalization: that Magyar Telekom has become a comprehensive provider during the past years and offers cutting edge solutions in telecommunications and infocommunications to serve all segments from residential, small, medium or large enterprises to public institutions. The world of infocommunications is characterized by explosive development and constant change, while the demand for better customer experience increases – stressed the CEO of Magyar Telekom. Thus our focus is on "quality of life” services to make customers everyday lives easier, more mobile and faster and communications can evolve into a true experience – said Christopher Mattheisen.   

Kerstin Günther the Chairwoman of Magyar Telekom Board mentioned in her presentation: changes in technology terminated the hardships of travel at the beginning of the 20th century, while the changes at the beginning of the 21st century keep knocking down the boundaries of communication every day. These changes enable the availability of the best technologies to everyone and make them part of for instance the ICT solutions companies develop. Kerstin Günther added:  Deutsche Telekom has demonstrated a long term commitment to Hungary, as this country has a growth and innovation  potential well reflected in the past twenty years of Magyar Telekom success story.  

Tibor Rékasi the CEO of  T-Systems Hungary explained in his presentation Lets step to the future together! - in the current economic situation ICT providers as transformation partners have a key role to support the core activities of corporate customers that strongly boosts their competitiveness. T-Systems Hungary is a company that can support necessary changes and possesses special industry specific knowledge that make them a strong partner available to the corporate world – added Tibor Rékasi. He also mentioned in his presentation that T-Systems Hungary wants to develop this partnership into a regional scale and it is well demonstrated by the Central-Eastern European eHealth Competence Center established in Budapest this year in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom and T-Systems International.  

During the morning plenary session  Vilmos Vályi-Nagy the State Secretary for the Ministry of National Development spoke. One of our speakers was Rob Nail the leader of Singularity University on the near future of exponentially growing technologies and their impact on our everyday lives. Our plenary program speakers also included Péter Soós the Hungarian Managing Director of Boston Consulting  Michael Ganser Cisco Systems European Senior Vice President, Jean-Claude Michaca Vice President to Oracle, Christian Wirth from T-Systems International and Géza Ragoncsa  and  Zoltán Németh Deputy CEO-s of  T-Systems Hungary. 

The plenary session was followed by specialized sections on horizontal and vertical trends and in addition to T-Systems Hungary experts the representatives of customers and partner companies also spoke. Transportation, healthcare, government, public administration, industry, trade and financial sectors represented themselves. 

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T-Systems Hungary Ltd. is a 100% Magyar Telekom owned subsidiary providing every day indispensable operation related comprehensive telecommunications and IT infrastructure application development and system integration services to large enterprises, public administration and institutions. The new standardized T-Systems Hungary established on October 1, 2012 has over 1800 employees and  1700 suppliers that make it Hungary's leading  infocommunications provider with decades of competence and experience in the national market. 


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