From today Telekom offers the Video Call Center

High tech – only seen in movies so far – is not fiction any more in the online customer service system of Telekom: from today the Video Call Center – being a novelty in the international aspect as well – becomes available. The service is more than a video chat: during the conversation the administrator makes the process of administration and the order visually available in the virtual field, by touching the screen.

Video Call CenterMovie goers falling for sci-fi first saw the images 10 years ago about the action hero moving and positioning different objects and contents in the air, using hand movements. The technology - which at that time raised the interest of the whole IT world – now can be enjoyed integrated in the customer service system of Telekom.

Using the Video Call Center service parties entering the company’s website wishing to contact the firm, are now enabled to communicate with our associates remotely, however benefitting from all advantages of personal contacts.

More than a video chat: during the conversation our administrator makes the administrative and ordering process visible for customers in the visual field, by touching the screen.
More than a web shop: in the visual space our associate not only offers general information but also provides customer-tailored mobile or home equipment offers, by also providing instant visual answers to customer questions. Just like in a shop, but without having to travel or stand in the line.

Obviously, there are certain technical preconditions to the customer using the service: further to the appropriate internet connection are browser format, optimal screen resolution and program are also required, as well as a web camera if the customer wishes to be seen.

The service is free of charge, it however generates data traffic, which depending on the operator and tariff package may incur costs. The Video Call Center is available on every day of the week between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. This offers the most comfortable personal customer service – be it either about using the internet, tariff package or new telephone set.

In 2013 Magyar Telekom won the Excellence in Customer Service Award in the large company call center category. Video Call Center is yet another important milestone among services introduced in recent years – including USSD self service and voice identification – targeting high level, modern and efficient customer service.


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