Future-proof digital solutions from T-Systems Hungary

T-Systems Magyarország Zrt. is Hungary’s market leading ICT company. The company 100% owned by Magyar Telekom is an infocommunication service provider for large companies and public sector institutions within the Telekom Group.

As the only business in the market, T-Systems provides telecommunications services, IT and system integration from a single source, which means reliability, speed, simplicity, cost-effectiveness and plannability for its customers, making not only implementation but also operation and maintenance smoother and more predictable. In addition to its comprehensive ICT competencies, T-Systems has in-depth, sector-specific knowledge and experience also beyond its own sector.

As a strategic and transformation partner, T-Systems Magyarország Zrt. strives, in cooperation with its customers, to find future-proof solutions that respond to the challenges of a constantly changing world, thus contributing to the long-term competitiveness of its customers.

In line with the traditions and decades of experience of its predecessors, T-Systems seeks to contribute to the enrichment of the Hungarian knowledge capital and to the nurturing of the Hungarian engineering traditions. Through its university and educational collaborations, it actively contributes to the results of scientific innovation in Hungary, and with its products and services it also enables their utilization.

T-Systems is using its leading role in industry collaborations to make its knowledge, experience, development and innovation capacity as widely available as possible for the digital development of the economic operators.

T-Systems Hungary's contacts:

Company name: T-Systems Hungary
Headquarters: 1097 Budapest, Könyves Kálmán körút 36.
Central phone: 36-1-452 1400, 36-1-470 6400
Central fax: 36-1-452 1401
Email: international@t-systems.hu
Web: www.t-systems.hu