Comprehensive industrial solutions from T-Systems Hungary

T-Systems Hungary Ltd. Co. is the largest services provider of Hungary offering a full range of ICT solutions. The company, which is fully owned by Magyar Telekom, is the ICT provider of Telekom Group’s B2B clients: in addition to enterprises and governmental entities, it also offers ICT services meeting the latest technological and business standards to small and medium business customer by now.

T-Systems Hungary was the first in Hungary to put in place a vertical structure of operation, focused on understanding and serving customers’ needs and market opportunities along the highest standards. As their transformational partner, T-Systems Hungary strives to cooperate with its customers in finding solutions that resolve the most complex business and operational issues customers might face, also taking into account the challenges and features specific to the industry.
Being Hungary’s leading ICT provider, T-Systems has a broad ICT portfolio. To ensure that it be able to implement the most complex projects in the best quality, the company combines its existing internal resources with a very extensive network of partner firms involving 1300 companies, and runs a state-of-the-art project and service management organization.
To the satisfaction of its international clientele, T-Systems Hungary provides top-quality services across the full lifecycle of the products from design to operation. As main contractor, consortium leader or consortium member, the company has been part of numerous major ICT projects in the past 25 years in various financial, governmental, transportation, industrial and commercial segments.

T-Systems Hungary supports the improvement of Hungary’s competitiveness, the expansion of the range of business opportunities, the retention of qualified professionals and the evolution of Hungary’s knowledge-based economy by innovative and comprehensive services. The traditions established and decades of experienced gathered by its predecessor companies mandate that the company contribute to enriching Hungary’s intellectual capital and cultivate Hungarian engineering traditions.

The body of expertise and experience accumulated by T-Systems Hungary is the work of several decades of dedicated effort. The company has been consciously built up by a long series of evolutionary steps and acquisitions. Its history, rooted in the economic and market changes brought along by the change of the political systems encompasses the development of Hungary’s telecommunications and information technology. The company strives to continue to build the value, expertise and experience accumulated by its five predecessor companies, which had been reputable market players on the Hungarian market (KFKI System Integration Ltd. Co., IQSYS Ltd. Co., ISH IT LLC, Dataplex LLC and Daten-Kontor LLC).

T-Systems Hungary's contacts:

Company name: T-Systems Hungary
Headquarters: 1097 Budapest, Könyves Kálmán körút 36.
Central phone: 36-1-452 1400, 36-1-470 6400
Central fax: 36-1-452 1401