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Gábor Gonda

CEO of T-Systems Hungary

Gábor Gonda started his professional career at Compaq in 1999, after which he spent 17 years in various management positions at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, since 2012 he has been the Managing Director of the Hungarian HP entity, and since 2018 he also manages HP’s entire Central European operation. His work has been recognized by numerous corporate and industry acknowledgements, in his free time he teaches at Corvinus University and is an active member of the International Children’s Safety Service. He graduated from the University of Óbuda with a degree in computer engineering, followed by a number of leadership courses, including a course at Harvard Business School.

As of November 2, 2020 he is the Chief Commercial Officer Enterprise of Magyar Telekom and the CEO of T-Systems Magyarország Zrt.

Gábor Bódi

Strategy & Governance Division Director

Gábor Bódi graduated from the Budapest University of Economics and Public Administration with a degree in public administration then with a degree as a certified economist, while he started working in the Prime Minister’s Office on a scholarship. During his 10-year career here, he was involved in public administration development and public administration, then between 2008-2010 he coordinated government IT activities as a state secretary. After that he worked as the managing director of Tivadar Puskás Public Foundation, then Kopint Datorg. Between 2013-2015 he was the Chairman of the National Council of Communications and Information Technology and between 2014-2015 the Deputy State Secretary of the Prime Minister's Office, responsible for coordinating infocommunications.

From October 1, 2016, he was the Director of T-Systems Hungary Plc.’s Segment Marketing Branch and from January 1, 2019 he is the Head of the Marketing, Innovation and Enterprise Customer Support Branch, Chief Officer.

From April 2021 he works as the manager of T-Systems’ Strategy & Governance Division as Division Director.

Gábor Mihályi

Customer Support Division Director

Gábor Mihályi (born in 1972) graduated from the Gábor Dénes College in Budapest, then in 2010 he obtained his MBA from Szent István University. He later expanded his business knowledge through various professional trainings. He started his professional career at one of Magyar Telekom's legal predecessors, MATÁV, in a position responsible for customer relations. From the end of the nineties he was responsible as a manager for telecommunication networks, equipment and transmission technology within MATÁV. In 2002 he was awarded the Employee of the Year Award for creating and managing the Service Management Center. In 2005, simultaneously with the establishement of the company, he joined Pro-M as Chief Technical Officer, where he was responsible for building and operating the nationwide TETRA network. In 2008, in addition to managing the technical area, he was also assigned with the management of the business development area. In 2012 he continued his career at Magyar Telekom, where he was first responsible for service management systems and later, as the Deputy Operating Director of the technical area, he was responsible for technical services, processes and network management. From November 1, 2016 he held the position of Wholesale Director of Magyar Telekom, where he managed the wholesale activities of the entire Telekom Group, including two international subsidiaries (Combridge, Novatel), too.

From April 2021 he works as the manager of T-Systems’ Customer Support Division as Division Director.

Péter Pádár

MID Corporation & Public Sales Division Director

Péter started his career in 2003 at HP, which was newly merged with Compaq, as an intern from the Technical University of Budapest.After graduating, he was employed by the company at the personal computer business unit (PSG) as Key Account Manager, where he was responsible for large enterprise customers from financial institutions and telecommunications. Jointly with T-Mobile they managed several successful B2B2C (residential) notebook campaigns and supported Telekom's innovative product development efforts with HP devices.During a later phase of his career, between 2010-2014, Péter was responsible for building the system integration business unit of Szintézis Informatikai Zrt. as the company’s retail manager, then between 2014-2015 me managed the commercial introduction of a Hungarian IT governance development, the ADAPTO. He returned to HP in October 2015, where until April 2020 he held various leadership positions in the Hungarian organization, like the management of the personal computer business unit, the large enterprise business unit, and finally the sales channel and distribution area. In these positions he was involved in winning and implementing a number of large corporate and government projects from supplier side.

In the past one year he worked as a service product and business development manager for HP’s Central and Eastern European (ECE) region as well as an endpoint security expert for the Central European (CE) market.

From April 2021 he works as the manager of T-Systems’ MID Corporation & Public Sales Division as Division Director.

Attila Kovács

Implementation Services Division Director

István graduated from the Nyugat-Magyarországi University an economist. Following his studies, he joined the KFKI Group in 2004, where he was responsible for controlling at IQSYS Zrt. Later he was involved in the development and corporate integration of the controlling activities of several subsidiaries.
From 2011 he headed the controlling division of Magyar Telekom Plc. then from 2015, as the head of the controlling department, he was also responsible for the controlling activities of the IT division.
From April 2021 he works as the manager of T-Systems’ Implementation Division as Division Director.

Rita Jenei

Communication & Brand Division Director


Rita Jenei graduated from the Faculty of Arts at the University of Szeged with a degree in communication and sociology.

She started her professional career as a journalist in the printed and then in the online media. From 2006 she supported the communication activities of multinational, FMCG and B2B clients as a first contact, PR and communication consultant at the Merlin Communications Hungary communications agency. From 2010 she was responsible for agency’s PR business unit. From 2012, as the communication manager of Siemens Zrt., she held responsibility for the company's external and internal communication activities. She spent six months at the company’s regional headquarters in Vienna, where she coordinated the communication activities of CEE countries in the region. From 2016 she continued her career at Ernst and Young Consulting Kft. where, in addition to PR and internal communication, she was also responsible for the management of the company's digital communication channels.

She joined T-Systems’ Marketing Communication and Campaign Management Competence Center in 2018 as a PR manager. In recent years her responsibilities included the management of T-Systems’ external communication activities.

From April 2021 she works as the manager of T-Systems’ Communication & Brand Division as Division Director.

József Kerekes

Industry Consulting Division Director

After graduating as an engineer and economist, József held managerial positions in sales and customer service within the Matáv Group at the beginning of his professional career, and from 2002 he held sales and business development positions at Synergon Plc. He joined HP in 2008, where he worked in the field of innovative business development. He significantly contributed to the development of domestic platform services and initiatiated the necessary internal transformation processes.

From April 2021 he works as the manager of T-Systems Industry Consulting Division as Division Director.

Krisztina Kovács

HR Business Partner Lead

Krisztina Kovács graduated from the faculty of HR at the University of Pécs, additionally, she has a diploma specialized in labor law consultancy and is qualified as an ICF coach.

She started her career at Hewlett Packard and has more than 26 years of professional experience in the human resources and business areas. From 2001 she worked as a regional business developer for 4 years, where her tasks included designing, developing and implementing e-learning solutions in the Central-Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa Regions. In 2005 she returned to the HR organization in a Business HR role at the Services Business Unit, where she was responsible for the Checz Republic, Hungary and the countries of the Balkan region. In 2006 she was given in interim assignment for an HR lead position at HP Romania. Between 2007-2017 she was the HR Director of HP's Hungarian subsidiaries. During her career she lead the HR support for the implementation of a number of reorganizations, demergers in the life of the company. Since 2017 she supported numerous countries and business areas in regional positions as Cluster HR, Business HR and Labour Relations Lead at HPE.

From April 2021, she is the HR Business Partner Lead of T-Systems.

Győző Kroó

Enterprise Sales Division Director

Győző graduated in 1983 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering from the Technical University of Budapest, with a degree in Measurement and Instrument Technology, and spent 10 years as a hardware development engineer at the Central Research Institute of Physics (KFKI). His first management experience was at Digital, where he worked as a sales manager, then he continued his career as a direct sales director at Compaq. He joined HP through an acquisition, where he was responsible for key accounts in the industry, retail, transportation and utilities area, and later he led HP's Enterprise Services Division. He joined Canon in 2012 as Managing Director, where he worked in this position for 6 years.

Since August 2021 he has been managing the Enterprise Sales Division of T-Systems as Division Director.

Ádám Schuszter

Finance Division Director

Ádám Schuszter graduated as an economist at the Budapest Faculty of the International Business School, in English language. He started his professional career as a financial assistant at PSA Finance Hungária Zrt, then continued from 2010 as a finance and accounting specialist. In 2012 he joined British Telecom, where he worked in several positions over the years. By now he has more than 10 years of financial, more specifically controlling and managerial experience, the majority of which he accumulated within the telecommunications industry. In his latest position as a Senior Finance Manager, Finance Business Partner he was responsible for the global financial performance of the corporation's Healthcare & Life Science line of business, and for the region covering Eastern and Central Europe, Switzerland and Russia. Ádám considers the modern digital transformation, value creation and efficiency improvement of financial processes to be of key importance. He has credit for several successful, in house developed global projects, which fundamentally changed the company's controlling, planning and financial closing activities.

From May 2021 he works as the manager of T-Systems Finance Division as Division Director.

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