The Management and the Board of Directors of the Magyar Telekom Group are committed to conducting all business activities of the Magyar Telekom Group in accordance with the strictest legal and ethical standards. It is with this commitment in mind that we have developed Magyar Telekom's Corporate Compliance Program.

The Corporate Compliance Program applies to all bodies, organizations and employees of the Magyar Telekom Group, as well as to consultants, agents, representatives and any person or organization performing work on behalf of the Group or its subsidiaries. We also expect our business partners, suppliers and customers to support us in this endeavor by acting in similarly ethical manner. Thus, certain elements of Magyar Telekom's Corporate Compliance Program apply not only to the employees of the Magyar Telekom Group, but also to those with whom we do business.

Magyar Telekom's Corporate Compliance Program ensures that the Group conducts its business activities with conscious and utmost observance and consideration of the applicable laws and regulations and with the highest level of training and commitment. This requires the implementation of policies and procedures that address potential compliance risks and implement specific processes for reporting, investigating, monitoring, and correcting suspected or actual non-compliance.

It is extremely important that we all recognize and accept our personal responsibility for all our individual activities in accordance with the ethical requirements of the Group. As help and guidance to this, Group instructions are in place, supported by a comprehensive and ongoing training program.

Whistleblowing for violation of the Compliance Program, internal regulations or laws

The Magyar Telekom Group takes seriously, and lists among its top priorities, compliance with the Code of Conduct and its detailed rules, at the same time it acknowledges that it is sometimes difficult to make distinction between good and bad. This is why we encourage our employees and partners to communicate openly.

Complaints and comments related to violations of regulations can be submitted on the Magyar Telekom Group ‘Tell us!’ (‘Mondd el!’) portal site.

Availability of Magyar Telekom Group ‘Tell us!’ facility:

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