Corporate Policy

T-Systems uses innovative modern technologies, services and solutions to contribute to the achievements of information society; provides indispensable, full-scale, high-quality telecommunications, IT infrastructure-, application development and system integration solutions and services to its clients, large corporate customers, the public administration and healthcare institutions, and partners in the attainment of their business goals. Established on 1 October 2012, the new, unified T-Systems Hungary sports more than 1800 employees and 1700 suppliers and is now Hungary's market leading info-communication service provider with many decades of experience and expertise behind it.

The company is making great efforts and has made significant achievements in the area of organisation building, ongoing staff training, and raising the standard of quality in order to ensure that the development, introduction, operation, constant improvement of an independently certified, modern, integrated resource planning system be achieved in line with Magyar Telekom Group's integrated resource planning system, along with the acquisition and maintenance of independent certificates. This can ensure that operating processes and leadership activities are approached with a systematic mindset, they are implemented in a consistent manner, are also measured and the results are fed back in order to ensure that our activities, products and services satisfy our customers' demands and expectations, and the requirements of the law and the authorities at all times.

Quality Policy - Quality Management (ISO 9001)

We maintain a customer-centred business attitude by fully satisfying customer demands.Customer satisfaction and customer confidence is retained by constantly satisfying quality requirements regardless whether dealing with new or existing customers.Through certification of our suppliers and subcontractors, we have succeeded in building ourselves a stable and reliable circle of suppliers and subcontractors.We feel it crucial to promote a sense of responsibility and pride in delivering quality results among our management and regular employees alike.

We constantly monitor and measure the compliance, effectiveness of our processes and customer satisfaction.Our long-term aim is to build systems that can ensure the protection of investments and the opportunity for constant development.

During the implementation of our projects, meeting the requirements of reliability, availability and data security is of primary importance.

Security policies - Data and information protection system (ISO /IEC 27001)

The purpose of the information security control system is to ensure the confidentiality, inviolability and constant availability of data and information assets.The data and information protection system extends to the management of the databases managed and generated by T-Systems, as well as to the management of business data, T-Systems' partner and employee data, to the commercial and individually developed software applications; the buildings, the offices, equipment and IT systems we use.

The system is maintained by the application of new and constantly developing information and communication technologies.The information system security risks are managed in a way to ensure that residual risks cannot interfere with the performance of our tasks.

Within security activities, group-level synergies may significantly reduce the costs of protection therefore we strive to achieve constant cooperation with members of the Magyar Telekom Group.

Environmental protection policy - Environmental Management System (ISO 14001)

We constantly monitor the environment protection laws and resolutions, their changes and we ensure that they are complied with on all organisational levels.

We pay deliberate and conscious attention to the protection of nature and the environment, to the enhancement of the environmental conditions. In order to prevent environmental pollution and to mitigate environmental impacts, we set ourselves environmental targets; we monitor and evaluate their attainment.In the course of performing our tasks, we regularly check that the environmental impacts we are responsible for are minimised, ensure that we remain sparing with our environmental resources; to this aim we are very cautious when we select our raw materials and we demand compliance with environmentally aware performance from our subcontractors as well.In the interest of climate protection, we pay particular and special attention to the energy efficient operation of the Data Centre. 

The resource planning policies above are standard and fully applicable in all areas of TSM activity and operating processes.