ISO 9001 at T-Systems

Compliant operation of IT systems is a key factor in the life of user organisations. Human life, economic performance and competitive position are all impacted by the quality of the IT solutions applied.

T-Systems’s predecessor companies, being leading players in their respective fields, were naturally aware of the key importance of quality. From the very outset, the components of the quality system (selecting suppliers, controlling the components used, developing the organisation, the working method and professional skills) had been the key to the development of these companies.

In the course of an ISO 9001 qualification procedure the company has to prove its capability to achieve customer satisfaction in all phases of operation ranging from providing an offer, through technical design, to customer care service that follows the implementation, because it guarantees compliant quality of the product and the service in all phases.

BCN Rendszerház, ICON and KFKI-LNX have individually obtained ISO 9001 qualification. The organisation created through their merger continues to place great emphasis on the functioning and operation of a quality management system with associated detailed mapping, regular reviews and, when necessary, improvement and optimisation of processes.

T-Systems’s operations meet the ISO 9001 requirements, its activity has been certified by SGS Hungária, an organisation recognised by the international quality certification organisation UKAS.

You too can ascertain that T-Systems is a quality partner!

Our operations

When redefining our offer issue and contract conclusion procedures our objective was to always serve our partners with compliant and high standard offers and contracts. Our multi-year experience shows that the quality of the implemented systems starts with the quality of the offer or contract since these guarantee that the customer receives what he needs.

Each material and device purchased and installed by T-Systems undergoes a control phase called control of external products. It guarantees that only devices controlled to be operational are supplied. Control is relatively simple for passive components. Strictly regulated test procedures have been elaborated for active components. Our work is supported by permanent ISO qualified supplier partners. In the case of highly complex software-controlled devices (e.g. routers) control of external products cannot cover complete testing of all functions, but experience shows that it is not needed either, since basic operational tests give information about the operability of the devices with sufficient certainty.

Defects can occur during transport and commencement of operation too. These are detected through on-the-spot checks. Surveying the customers’ technical needs, design, delivery-acceptance and other procedures all have the goal of guaranteeing that only operational systems that meet the needs of the customers are installed.

We cannot ignore servicing of the delivered systems either, therefore we also have elaborated ISO procedures for our customer service activities that measure and on a quarterly basis evaluate, the efficiency of the customer care service and the reliability of the products delivered by us.

Our corporate policy includes the measurement and regular evaluation of our suppliers and subcontractors, performance of technical design and documentation tasks and almost all other internal T-Systems activities.

ISO 14001 and ISO/IEC 27001

T-Systems’s predecessor companies fulfilled the ISO 14001 environment management system and ISO/IEC 27001 information security management system requirements, and operated a triple-integrated management system. These expressed their commitment to protection of the environment and economical use of environmental resources and proved in a certified manner, that they responsibly process the sensitive, confidential data of their customers, partners and employees.

T-Systems continues to safeguard these values, as certified also by the integrated audit conducted by SGS Hungária.


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