Cyber Threat Resilience Team

We have developed our CTRL service - the Security Operations Center of T-Systems Hungary - to offer you comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, in addition to the traditional security system integration services we provide.

Our mission

We obtained exceptional experience in the fields of telecommunications, IT datacenter and cloud services. With our constantly renewing services offered from now on in new from as a brand, we assist more than 6 thousand partners - including medium and large scale enterprises, and wholesale partners - in reaching their objectives

If required we provide assistance to our customers in the development, operation and accessing of security system elements and the central log analysis tool comprising and monitoring such system elements.

About our operation

Our specially skilled IT security professionals supervise in real-time the customers’ systems in the C T R L center every day in 24 hours. Thanks to this service, we are able to analyse within a short time the system anomalies, respond to alarms and recognize the attacks. Potential losses can be mitigated most efficiently by minimizing the time gap between detection, validation of the incidents and responding to them. In case of serious incidents crisis management maybe helpful as well.


Staff persons

Although collection and the initial screening of the log files is performed by the IT systems, an efficient Security Operations Center will not get along without highly qualified cyber security experts, who - in addition to the machine algorithms rely on their own expertise and experience when screening, analyzing and assessing the information delivered by the software applications and making decisions about the further actions.

Meet our staff persons