ISO 9001

The proper functioning of IT systems is a key factor in the life of user organisations. Human life, economic performance and competitive position can depend on the quality of the IT solutions used.

As the leading players in their field, the predecessor companies of T-Systems were naturally aware of the crucial importance of quality. From the outset, the various components of the quality system (selection of suppliers, control of the components used, and development of organisation, working methods and skills) were key to the development of these companies.

With ISO 9001 certification, a company must demonstrate its ability to satisfy the customer from the proposal stage, through engineering design, to after-sales service, by ensuring the quality of its products and services at every stage.

BCN System House, ICON and KFKI-LNX holds independently an ISO 9001 certification. In the merged organisation, the operation and management of the quality management system continues to be a key focus, including detailed mapping, regular review and where necessary, the improvement and optimisation of our processes.

T-Systems continues to pursue the path of quality, as only quality services meet the needs of the market. Our continuously improved ISO 9001 quality system is a means, rather than a purpose, to increase the satisfaction of our partners.

T-Systems is an ISO 9001 certified company, certified by SGS Hungária recognised by the international quality certification organisation UKAS.

Make sure that T-Systems is a quality partner for you!

How do we work?

By redesigning our bidding and contracting procedures, our aim was to provide our partners with appropriate, always high quality bids and contracts. In our many years of experience, the quality of the systems we implement starts with the quality of the offer or contract, as these guarantee that the customer gets what he needs.

Every single material or piece of equipment that T-Systems purchases and installs goes through a phase of inspection, which we call a third-party product audit. This ensures that only equipment that has been checked and is in good operating condition is delivered. The inspection of passive components is relatively simple. For the active elements, we have developed precisely controlled test procedures. Our work is helped by the fact that we have permanent ISO-certified supply partners. In the case of highly complex, software-controlled equipment (e.g. routers), external testing cannot cover the complete testing of all functionality, but experience has shown that this is not necessary, as basic functional tests provide a satisfactory evidence of the equipment's functionality with a sufficient level of confidence.

Failures can also occur during transport and installation. These are detected during on-site inspections. Our assessment of the customer's technical requirements, our design, handover and other procedures are all aimed at ensuring that only a functioning system that meets the customer's needs is installed.

ISO 14001 and ISO/IEC 27001

The predecessor companies of T-Systems also met the requirements of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System and operated a triple integrated management system. They have demonstrated their commitment to protecting the environment and saving environmental resources, and have certified their responsible handling of sensitive and confidential data of their customers, partners and employees.

T-Systems continues to uphold these values, as confirmed by the integrated audit conducted by SGS Hungária.