Why T-Systems?

As a leading digital service provider, we are a long-term, strategic partner that continuously provides our partners with the cutting edge of digital technologies to future-proof their competitiveness.

How can we make sure you get the best solution?

Quality policy

Security policy

Our environmental policy


Our qualifications

Quality management (ISO 9001)
  • Customer-oriented business behaviour
  • Continuous compliance with quality requirements
  • Certification of suppliers and subcontractors
  • Responsibility for quality among our managers and employees
  • Continuous measurements of process compliance and customer satisfaction
  • Protection of investments and systems to ensure long-term viability
  • Prioritising reliability, availability and data security requirements
Data and information protection system
(ISO/IEC 27001)
  • Ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of our data and information assets
  • Managing information security risks
  • On going cooperation with Magyar Telekom Group to reduce defence spending
  • Continuous monitoring and compliance with environmental legislation and decisions
  • Minimising environmental impacts with environmentally responsible raw materials
  • Setting, achieving and evaluating environmental targets to reduce environmental impacts
  • The management and Board of Directors of the entire Magyar Telekom Group are committed to conducting all business activities in accordance with the highest legal and ethical standards.
  • The compliance programme we have developed applies not only to employees, consultants, agents and representatives of the organisation, but we also expect ethical behaviour from all our business partners, suppliers and even customers.
    If you find otherwise, please contact our Group Compliance Director at mondd.el@telekom.hu
ISO 9001

As competitive position, economic performance or even human life can depend on the quality of the IT solutions used, our certification is a continuous proof of our ability to ensure the quality of our products and services, from the proposal to the technical design and post-implementation operational tasks.

ISO 14001 and ISO/IEC 27001

These certifications demonstrate both our commitment to protecting the environment and our responsible handling of the sensitive and confidential data entrusted to us.

Our management

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