What is first class?

First Class is a safe, convenient and unique business mobile phone plan specifically designed to meet special mobile communication needs of our business clients.
  • Customised client service
  • Freedom
  • Consulting
  • Attention

Our services

First Class business plan is provided by Hungarian Telekom to T-Systems Hungary business partners.

Set up and customise your business mobile phone plan with your Key Account Manager simply and easily.

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Basic services

Voice and Data are included in all First Class plans. Choose according to your communication profile and data usage.

  • Mobile Voice
  • Mobile Data

Extra basic services

Your First Class plan comes with privileges. YES (Your Exclusive Service) will give you access to premium client assistance. You get a First Class premium card, a non-activated additional SIM card, for emergency situations. And access to Webex Teams comprehensive communication suite. All included in your price plan.

  • Webex Teams
  • First Class
    premium card
  • Liszt Ferenc Airport
    Skycourt Lounge
  • Unlimited use within
    the network - for everyone
  • YES - Your
    Exclusive Service

Optional services

Add additional services to your First Class plan according to your business needs.

Convenience and comfort anywhere

Wherever your business takes you, we will make you feel at home.

  • World Your
    Exclusive Service
  • World
    roaming data plan
  • World roaming
    voice plan
  • Special rates
    for international calls
  • World Pass

Unlimited use

You don't want anything to limit you when you are working for success. Get unlimited voice calls in Hungary and abroad.

  • Unlimited SMS
  • Unlimited calls
    in Hungary
  • Unlimited calls
    while roaming in the EU
  • Unlimited international calls
    to EU countries
  • Unlimited data
    in Hungary

EU+ roaming

Make calls and use mobile data in EU Member States and 3 additional countries almost as if you were in your home country.

  • EU + Switzerland,
    Serbia, Turkey
  • Up to 70 GB
    roaming data
  • Unlimited EU roaming +
    voice calls

Corporate efficiency

Let us help you enhance workplace productivity by some useful functionalities such as essential tool for the perfect presentation, corporate mobile device management, or interactive map.

  • Cisco Webex Board
  • OneDrive
    for Business
  • Office365

Who is this price plan for?

First Class was developed to offer tailor-made solutions for business communication needs of enterprises, from Hungarian SMEs to large international corporations. Set up and customise your business mobile phone plan with your Key Account Manager in a few simple and easy steps.

About us

T-Systems Hungary is a market leader in IT and system integration solutions in Hungary. Key to our success is continuous innovation adapted to customer needs and technology trends. Thanks to the cooperation within Magyar Telekom Group, mobile communication is already a core element in our integrated solutions.

Webex Teams – Create. Share. Do.

Webex Teams supports your enterprise workflows as a one-stop solution that includes messaging, videoconferencing, and screen and file sharing.

Cisco Webex Board is an essential ingredient of efficient teamwork and perfect presentations. It is a combined wireless interactive whiteboard and video-enabled device. More details »

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