6th Community Meeting at T-Systems International in Bonn, Germany

November 2013

The 6th Community Meeting was organized in the Bonn offices of DT by the Intelligent Network e-Health Business Unit of T-Systems International. All DT subsidiaries were invited. Besides from Europe T-Systems, colleagues have arrived from Brazil, Singapore and South-Africa. Delegation of the HCC CEE has also participated on the event. From the other business units, business unit leaders and sales people were present.
We had several discussions, meetings and negotiations, as the main objective of the meeting was to transfer knowhow about our different products.

The presentations were about e-health strategy and on-going projects. The following topics were highlighted:

  • i.s.h.med support in Siemens
  • Cooperation between healthcare competence centers of DT
  • IHE International development
  • Billing in German healthcare
  • Consultancy in pharmaceutical industry
  • eHC 2.0 platform.

A „Speed dating“was organized with title "Healthcare Market Place", which means that selected projects/products were presented at different booths:

  • Entertain for hospitals
  • TrialConnect
  • Tumor conference
  • ePalliative.

The meeting was very successful, as we had the opportunity to meet many Business Units and have in-depth, valuable, forward looking discussions with them. At the same time we gained valuable information on the other countries’ healthcare markets and their requirements.

Based on our invitation, in the near future, we shall be visited by the English and the Czech T-Systems colleagues. We are at the disposal for all business units for similar consultations and in working out common plans.