Workshop with T-Systems South Africa and HCC CEE, at Budapest, Hungary

November 25-26th 2013, the newly appointed Strategic Business Unit Head of the healthcare business in T-Systems South Africa, has visited the Budapest HCC CEE office. The workshop participants have in common that they both have a support contract with TSI IN Health business unit.

The objective of the meeting was to work out the framework of the cooperation between the companies. The framework cooperation contract to be negotiated is important for the parties as South-Africa has a strong intention to market and implement the e-MedSolution HIS system in the country, besides the SAP product. In case of local success they have further plans to enter the IT markets of the neighbouring countries as well.

During the workshop:

  • we have visited the T-Systems Operational Center located at the Semmelweis University. During this meeting we were agreed on the method which we would use during localization and implementation of the e-MedSolution in South-Africa
  • the product portfolio of HCC CEE was presented
  • we have discussed the possibilities of the projects that can be jointly implemented.

At the end of the visit we identified and prepared the optional projects for 2014.

We are getting prepared for similar visits from other NatCos’ HC units, as our overall objective is to support TSI e-Health’s to achieve its goals.