Electronic Health Cooperation Service Space – the Hungarian national e-health project

Starting from 2015, T-Systems Hungary participates in the largest IT development of the Hungarian healthcare aiming at transforming the current paper-based or locally working national healthcare system to a modern, service-focused nation-wide Health Informatics / eHealth system (“National EHR System”) which meets all the latest demands and requirements related to data security, Information technologies and Healthcare. The new System will allow different healthcare providers to access and update health data in order to ensure the continuity of patient care. The new system allows full interoperability in which IT systems of healthcare professionals are – as a general rule – interconnected.

The development aims at establishing a state of the art IT communication and collaboration platform, the “Electronic Health Cooperation Service Space” that enables information systems and health professionals in the sector to work together. Its essential characteristics are cloud-based centralised platform and service-oriented architecture (SOA). But from some aspects the system keeps the local environments (HIS) and building on them, as a sphere (a cloud) covering them.

Based on its almost 20 years of experience in healthcare, T-Systems leads the consortium building the new system with the following subtasks:

  • development of functionally integrated inter-institutional and regional IT systems;
  • development of electronic patient summaries;
  • defining intra-institutional, central services: Patient Privacy / Consent Managment Service, ePrescription, EHR-repository, Scientific Registry Engine, eConsultation, eReferral, etc.;
  • Message (reporting) transfer and Content Validation Engine service;
  • development of an IT system which allows for the use of citizen’s cards in all segments of the healthcare sector;
  • electronic publication of Official Registries.

Out of these, T-Systems is responsible for the modernization of current IT infrastructure of the healthcare IT systems, making them able to communicate within the new structure; the creation of the nation-wide IT communication and collaboration platform based on the HISCOM solution; the integration and the electronic publication of the currently segmented Official Registries; creation of central intra-institutional services (e.g. eReferral, eReceipt); creation of an EHR-repository.

The development started at the end of 2014 and will continue until 2015, the whole system will be tested (pilot) during 2016 and 2017 and will go live in 2017-2018.

The full budget of the development is close to HUF 10 Billion (EUR 32 Million), out of which T-Systems’ activities is covered with app. HUF 1.7 Billion (EUR 5.5 Million).