Public Health Institution University Clinical Center Tuzla
Bosnia-Herzegovina, Tuzla

In the whole health institution/clinical center our HIS System, eMedSolution was implemented in 2008, and the project lasted until 2011.

The Customer

Public Health Institution University Clinical Center Tuzla is a modern medical facility in which modern diagnostic procedures have been applied, developments in medicine have been followed, new operational methods have been introduced so as continuing education of personnel and good quality scientific research activity performed.

Public Health Institution University Clinical Center Tuzla has a total of 37 organizational units: 19 Clinics, 2 Polyclinics, 2 Institutes, the Center of palliative care and Emergency room, Hospital pharmacy, 6 sectors and 5 services.

The challenge

  • Implementation of an integrated hospital information system in the whole Public Health Institution University Clinical Center Tuzla.
  • Connecting all diagnostic clinics to one another.

The solution

  • Implementation of 125 concurrent eMedSolution user licenses, local 1st level support:
       - outpatient, in-patient, diagnostics base modules
       - HL7 interface module
       - nursing module
       - chronic patient care module
       - patient billing module
       - medication module
  • Delivery of servers and PCs

The customer benefit

  • The eMedSolution is available to all medical employees, effectively raising quality of medical care.
  • The older island solutions were replaced with an integrated and consistent one.
  • Customer is able to provide an electronic case documentation supported by eMedSolution, securing reliable lifelong records for every patient.


Successful implementation of our integrated HIS System (eMedSolution) in UKC Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina gave T-Systems the opportunity to take part in other large-scale Bosnian projects and ensures a relevant reference for other hospitals.