Success of HISMobile®
Gottsegen György Hungarian Institute of Cardiology

The Customer

The Hungarian Institute of Cardiology was founded in 1957 and become the only centre in Hungary dedicated exclusively to cardiology. In 1977, the Hungarian Institute of Cardiology moved to a modern new building which was already able to host the entire field of non-invasive and invasive cardiology, adult and pediatric cardiology and heart surgery as the largest cardiology centre in Hungary. The Department of Adult Cardiology of the Institute became the Department of Cardiology of the Semmelweis University. As an individual budgetary organization, the Hungarian Institute of Cardiology is functioning under the control of the Ministry of Health and covers the entire spectrum of pediatric and adult cardiology.

The challenge

  • Physicians often work at hospitals in several locations which makes more difficult the access to the different hospital information systems of the given institutions in case they are physically not there
  • Calling the assistants/nurses in order to get the relevant information takes time; on the one hand the physician receives the requested information with delay, and on the other hand the work of the assistants/nurses is interrupted

The solution-HISMobile®

  • Through HISMobile® application physicians can get the requested information quickly, in a secure way (based on a unique identification of the device), no matter of time and place
  • HISMobile® application was integrated to the eMedSolution hospital information system, so HISMobile® can take over the settings of the eMedSolution automatically (there is also an opportunity to widen or tighten the access rights)
  • Thus 80 users have been registered at the Hungarian Institute of Cardiology
  • HISMobile® application runs both on smartphones and tablets (but specially developed for smartphones)

The customer benefit

  • The relevant patient information can be reached easily, quickly and securely
  • The administrative burdens are reduced: physicians can treat 10 % more of patients, assistants/nurses have 20% more time to deal with patients*
  • User-friendly and efficient application, more than 90 % of physicians were fully satisfied*
  • Two- way communication: besides receiving information physicians can send text message, voice message and even visual information to the assistants/nurses

Key Benefits

  • Due to the HISMobile® application the administrative burdens have been reduced significantly


  • There is a wide range of opportunities both in Hungary and abroad to offer HISMobile® services
    - To the institutions with eMedSolution as an add-on service
    - To other hospitals as a new service since HISMobile® can be easily connected to other hospital information services

*: based on the feedback during the pilot period