Federal project establishing a uniform integrated healthcare system in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In 2014, T-Systems Hungary with its Bosnian partner, Medit was commissioned by the Health Insurance Institutes of three Bosnian cantons to implement the second phase of the implementation of a uniform integrated healthcare system for all healthcare facilities of three Bosnian cantons: Tuzla; Zenicko Dobojski and Unsko Sanski cantons. Within the project, T-Systems delivers hospital information systems and other related medical software, as well as hardware through its local partner and supports its maintenance. A further extension of the current licenses in Tuzla, Zenicko Dobojski and Unsko Sanski cantons and Sarajevo is foreseen in the very near future.

Based on the services provided by T-Systems Hungary there is a cloud-based, unified information systems on cantonal level. This system supports secure access to health data and radiology images for healthcare providers of various levels and for the patients themselves. The system provides the basis for the local eReceipt, eCard and eDoctor system. Going beyond the cantonal system, the aim of the project is to create a unified integrated eHealth system on a federal level. As the interconnection of the deployed information systems are guaranteed, the new system works as a regional EHR system, open to further developments and creates a stable base for a country-wide EHR system.