Effective and Cost Saving Corporate Operation

Commerce T-Systems Hungary is Hungary's largest infocommunication solution supplier in the commercial and service sector. In the field of infocommunication solutions, the company has been the strategic partner to corporations in the sector for more than a decade: its integrated solutions have contributed to the improved competitiveness and effectiveness of its partners nationally and throughout Europe. Owing to its predecessors, the company has substantial and well-founded traditions in the entire spectre of infocommunication technologies.

Commerce Among others T-Systems Hungary offers cost effective solutions that can greatly contribute to developing 21st century conditions and business procedures. Our primary objective is to enable our clients to offer real client experience at the highest possible level through their own services.

Bespoke Solutions to All Divisions

Client-friendly, custom-tailored and constantly available, 24/7 service is increasingly becoming the norm in today's competitive world of services. T-Systems Hungary can reform the operation of corporations involved in the commercial sector through functions and solutions that will palpably increase effectiveness and improve the return of capital invested along with other resources. T-Systems Hungary continually represents its clients' needs and expectations in the face of manufacturers and solution suppliers.

All this, however, is far from covering the entire spectre of our activities: since we view commerce and service as priority and strategic fields, we develop in-house solutions for companies that operate in this particular sector: blending our expertise and market and financial strength, these companies can deepen and diversify our service portfolio.

When appropriate solutions are applied, even scarce resources may be sufficient to increase the market effectiveness of our clients therefore we always aim to seek and identify solutions jointly with our clients. In the course of this, we try to cooperate with the people involved not only in infocommunication, but with everyone from all other walks of operation whether it is marketing, enterprise resource planning, or product development. We found that new, creative ad innovative ideas stem from our joint efforts and these result in tangible business benefits.

Corporate solutions

We offer a diverse range of solutions to our business partners in support of their planning, enterprise resource planning, logistics, HR, sales and accounting activities. In addition to conventional solutions our clients may have purchased and be using, we also offer new service packages with flat-rate monthly payment options. This has a number of advantages: no initial investment required; when fee is charged pro rata of use, the service provider only makes the capacity required by the client available.

Another great advantage of cloud based applications for the commercial sector is their standard format; the infocommunication tools supporting everyday operations are readily available and accessible from any job site, business premise - without the need for IT support staff. T-Systems Hungary offers it clients business applications, the telecommunication services required to access these applications, and the end-user tools in one package for a flat-rate monthly fee.