Stability and Security in Financial Informatics

Finance Thanks to its predecessor companies, T-Systems Hungary has many decades of financial informatics competences, which has enabled the company to become a recognised and stable partner to Hungarian financial institutions from saving cooperatives through insurance companies and universal bank to large investment houses.

Legal Compliance, High Security, Effective Client Processes

The company is capable of providing the necessary infrastructural and application solutions required for full banking operations in a way that it also guarantees full compliance with the laws affecting the sector. As part of our information technology outsourcing (ITO), T-Systems Hungary offers a wide range of solutions to its bank clients from bank central application system through workflow regulation and risk management and receivables management systems to bank front-end systems, which have been audited by the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority.

The corporation is at the forefront of sector specific applications and satisfying infrastructural demands. We provide applications for account management, various solutions that are indispensable in the preparation of mandatory reports on risk management, and securities trading systems. We are also engaged in the provision of workflow regulatory systems that define the operations of financial institutions, and in online financial institution activities. We have extensive experience in infrastructure development for branch network systems, and in the provision of the related network solutions, telecommunication and IT tools. Finance

T-Systems Hungary has ready solutions for the preparation of supervisory reports in the financial sector, which has been used by almost all larger financial institutions for a long time in Hungary. T-Systems Hungary also has solutions supporting the capital adequacy ratio to be calculated on the basis of the Basel II guidelines and the calculation of the depreciated cost vale based in effective interest rate; however, we have already begun preparations for the implementation of Basel III and FINREP regulatory framework.

Business Intelligence and Information Management in Banks – Fast and Smart Solutions

The company also offers accounting, risk analysis and data mining solutions to its clients engaged in the financial sphere. The latest data mining solutions - segmentation, affinity, and behaviour analysis - may help financial institutions in retaining customers and acquiring new ones.

The business intelligence solutions of T-Systems Hungary offer the most versatile and complete services to any financial institution (depending on company size). All data that is generated by a bank becomes systemisable, retrievable, transferable for analysis and visually presentable on a range of devices through T-Systems Hungary's solutions. The company provides financial institutions data warehouse optimisation and operation service as well for the appropriate management and use of data inventory.

The management of text and image-based information is becoming increasingly important in the preparation of decision-making of financial institutions and in keeping in touch with clients. T-Systems Hungary offers its financial institution clients modern document and information management solutions. All this may ease the operation and client acquisition of financial institutions by - inter alia - the continuous analysis of community media surfaces. The company also has exceptional competencies in predicting client behaviour which may effectively be used by banks to optimise and target their own activities. Within the existing special financial competencies of T-Systems Hungary, great emphasis is placed on the analysis of client behaviour in the identification of patterns of abuse relating to financial transactions with a view to ensuring control and prevention.

Full-Scale IT Outsourcing

Besides conventional on-premise solutions, the company also offers its financial institutional clients a steadily expanding portfolio in the form of outsourcing and cloud technology. One branch of services offered by T-Systems Hungary relates to infrastructure: we offer, among others, dedicated cloud-based solutions (known as private cloud), under which we provide shared resources and service packages to financial institutions under one and the same ownership. The utilisation of our virtual call-centre solutions may also be a cost-effective answer, but even the management of a bank agency network - something alien to the primary activities on financial institutions - can also be run in a separate, hosted environment that is protected by appropriate security segmentations. The company places special emphasis on ensuring the appropriate level of IT-security (not only in finance) including protection against data leaks, or the availability of emergency reserves. In addition to hardware and software infrastructure, we offer business applications in public and private cloud technology - e.g. instantMoney - as well as communication and collaboration solutions, correspondence, and teamwork support.