Networked Healthcare

Networked Healthcare The development of medicine, an ageing population, and the associated increasing costs present the greatest challenges today for the healthcare sector. Infocommunication solutions can help us improve the effectiveness of the healthcare supply system and further patient care. The cost of healthcare has been rising year after year and the effective management of the sector is becoming an increasingly difficult task. The infocommunication solutions of T-Systems Hungary help sector participants save time and money by introducing modern technologies and also improve the quality of medical service and patient care. This is how the company supports the development and financial viability of the healthcare sector today and tomorrow.

Data and Consultation

Networked Healthcare With the use of modern mobile devices and internet, physicians can easily and safely access patient data, medical notes, patient history, medical examination and laboratory results within minutes no matter where they may be. There is no need for the patients to travel long distances and the doctors' work is simplified. These new solutions give physicians remote access to health-related data thus improving efficiency and increasing patient safety and achieving significant savings on costs. One such solution is the virtual children's hospital, which uses remote diagnosis. The facility makes the effective collaboration of geographically distant and remote work teams a reality. Team members operate independent of each other without being tied to any physical location or work site neither as part of an organisation nor in respect of the utilised resources. Using an appropriate logistical arrangement, expensive laboratory tests can thus be centralised, support/integration of the participants in basic child healthcare supply (linking the school, paediatricians, epidemic organs, athletic therapists in an information system) can be achieved.

Full-Scale Solutions for the Effective Management of Healthcare Institutions

Suitable level of medical treatment can only be provided by economically viable healthcare organisations, which is unimaginable today without a reliable and professional infocommunication hinterland. This is the challenge T-Systems Hungary has a perfect and full-scale solution for.

The fundamental element in our portfolio comprises e-MedSolution, a hospital information system, which is a market leading solution in Hungary and also extremely successful abroad. The system integrates several and various special in-house and partner modules that can be tailored to suit the individual needs of the different institutions. It can include inter alia laboratory information systems, management information systems, pharmaceutical systems, finance and economic management systems, medicine and invoicing classification modules, etc. Our in-house economic management system, known as MedSAPSol, is offered in two platforms, on SAP All in One and the SAP Business One, which is designed for smaller organisations. These solutions are supplementary to the world's most popular Business Control Systems and are specifically designed to meet the needs of hospitals and Hungarian medical institutions in particular. The exchange of information between the institutions is supported by HISCOM inter-institution communication system. Through HISCOM, medical professionals can use their mobile telephones to connect onto the treatment procedure from any location using the HISMobile system.

Healthcare Informatics Support via Cloud Technology

In addition to the conventional solutions that are purchased and installed on the premises of the owner institutions, our products are also available through cloud technology at a flat-rate monthly cost. This way the complete support system can be set up because the main components of T-Systems Hungary's healthcare solution, i.e. e-medSol hospital information system, SAP Business One-based economic system and the inter-institutional communication and mobile access can be ordered individually and jointly in a cloud technology package.