Effective Cost Controlling Through ICT

Industry Out of all participants of the economy, it is industrial corporations that can exercise the greatest control over their costs by focusing largely on their primary operation.

Industrial corporations play a pivotal role in a nation's economic performance. This is particularly true of corporations selling to export markets. The retention of competitiveness requires the constant rethinking of their resource utilisation and the ability to find new development resources. We make it possible to utilise these resources better by providing special arrangements, tender advice, surveying and making recommendations on how to optimise corporate processes, and providing IT Industry support.

We offer a wide range of solutions for industrial corporations to improve the effectiveness of their corporate and production control procedures. Our portfolios contain various key suppliers' enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, as well as investment management, technical registry, action procurement, invoicing, GIS (geographical information system) and facility management systems. We have also amassed extensive experience in the fields of planning and implementing production control and logistic solutions.

Infocommunication Support for each Service

We believe that as a public utility, infocommunication is the way to go for the profession and the outsourcing of IT and business processes and the spreading of cloud technologies in industrial and manufacturing corporations will be one of the fastest among the individual sectors. Already today we have numerous business applications, communications and teamwork solutions that are offered as cloud services. The range of these products is constantly expanding.

In addition to cloud-based solutions, T-Systems Hungary is also offering its clients higher levels of outsourcing including the outsourcing of business processes, certain IT segments or even entire IT departments. In the area of process and IT outsourcing we have many years of experience. It was the predecessors of T-Systems Hungary that implemented the outsourcing of the entire IT and partial business processes of the Raba Group - one of the largest IT and business processes that had ever evolved in the country in a competitive environment.

Greenfield Plant Installation

When setting up a new plant installation, the entire infocommunication infrastructure must be established. This is a very complex task, which neatly fits in with T-Systems Hungary's full-scale product and service portfolio and extensive competences. In a greenfield plant installation, once the basic infrastructure for infocommunication has been set up, the investor has the option to have specific business applications installed or use communication and team work solutions as part of cloud service without having to make further investments. Another available option is the outsourcing of specific IT sub-areas (ITO). T-Systems Hungary offers its services in a flexible fashion where the business arrangement is suited to best meets client demands.