Knowledge and Practice in Public Administration

Public Administration and Education Employing more than 1,800 people, T-Systems Hungary has uniquely full-scale competencies and versatile service and product portfolio to be a sure partner to the public sphere. In recent years, T-Systems Hungary and its predecessors have participated in the implementation of a number of major public administration projects that greatly contributed to the safe operations of today's modern, service provider state in terms of informatics and telecommunication.

Being a unique system integrator independent of all manufacturers, T-Systems Hungary Public Administration and Education is capable of servicing the most diverse of institutional needs starting from infrastructural solutions to custom-tailored application development. The engineering knowledge and project experience of our staff enable us to implement complex public administration projects in an effective way in line with specific customer needs.

Being a transformation partner, T-Systems Hungary understands the needs and problems of the institutions and organisations of the public sphere and - translating them to the language of infocommunication - provides specific solutions. Our experts have gained decades of experience in the implementation of key public administration projects, and have managed tasks of strategic importance as principal contractors.

From Endpoint to Endpoint Services in Central Public Administration As Well

As regards to infrastructural operational capabilities, which require high level availability and security, the company also has amassed massive experience, which is indispensable for systems that enjoy priority in the functioning of the state. Formerly responsible for the entire scope of operational tasks and today acting only as a supplier, T-Systems Hungary also makes a contribution to the operation of the National Telecommunications Backbone Network (formerly known as the E-government Backbone Network), and also participates in endpoint installations and migrations as part of the National Network Development Project.

Our high-number and well-trained team of experts and our secure financial hinterland guarantee that we can successfully and reliably partner with public administration institutions in the building and operation of their complex public administration IT systems. Being a system integrator and application developer independent of manufacturers, we are able to design and implement the best cost/value solutions while keeping the interests of the client in mind. The company has been a long-time partner of the state in the field of landline and mobile telephony: even today we provide many tens of thousands of public servants with effective and high-quality mobile communication devices and means. In addition to servicing public administration clients, we also have a number of clients engaged in military operations, law enforcement and the protection of the constitution.

Tailored to Local Needs – Local Government Solutions

Besides offering basic services and solutions, T-Systems Hungary is equipped with capabilities that enable the company to satisfy the special needs of local governments and - at the same time - ensure legal compliance.

The company is one of the leading solution suppliers of the country in the delivery of integrated local government systems. It may partner in the development of special applications such as the property asset register system, which is exceptionally important in local asset management, or public utilities and road registers, which are important for the performance of official tasks, or geographical information system solutions in the management of official building issues. The complex data warehouse solutions extended to local governments and the data mining tools enable the clients to provide local public administration services of the highest quality and level.

Emphasis on the Future – Modern Communication in Education

21st century higher education is unimaginable without a high-level infocommunication environment that is able to satisfy the needs of students and teachers alike. The wide range of service and solution portfolio of T-Systems Hungary is able to provide full-scale infocommunication solutions to higher education institutes that are open to innovative infocommunication environments. We introduced economic and executive management information systems in a number of Hungarian universities and colleges.

The technology of cloud computing today enable T-Systems Hungary to provide hardware and software tools in the form of a service to institutions, which is a major improvement in terms of cost-efficiency and flexibility in the area of infocommunication.

The simulation of complex business, natural science and applied scientific research projects requires exceptionally high-performance computers. The high performance computing (HPC) capacity provided by T-Systems Hungary provides researchers with appropriate solutions in order to enable them to check even very complex mathematical models in a swift and speedy manner. For this reason HPC is pivotal in applied education and research institute operations.