Public Utilities

New Digital Era in the Energy Sector

Public utilities and media The fundamental structural transformation of the energy sector is driven and motivated by a number of simultaneous changes in external and internal factors. Owing to the changes in the regulatory environment affecting the sectoral strategy as a result of the joint modification of the national and EU requirements, particular companies must rethink and restructure their operations in line with the EU 2020 aims. This is an exciting and active period in the everyday lives of companies as they simultaneously have to satisfy the changing environmental and market needs and the expectations of the regulatory bodies.

Public utilities and media Being the operator of consumption meters, we must also strive to develop and maintain extensive partner strategies which offer flexible, reliable and secure ICT solutions to their altered needs. Owing to environmental awareness, global climate change, the diverse cost structure of renewable energy resources, and the shift in the weight and proportion of conventional nuclear energy, companies in the energy sector are under considerable pressure. The effective delivery of energy and the significant reduction of delivery losses is an area where the most effective solutions must be found simultaneously in a delivery network that may as well ensure nation-wide territorial coverage.

Public utility companies face increasing challenges stemming from the option - available to customers - to swap service providers and in order to retain their clients, they have to react to the altered conditions with flexible tariff packages, fast and simple servicing needs. The intensifying economic competition, client-focus, the challenges of the market and economic environment remain unanswerable questions without comprehensive strategic partnership and comprehensive end-to-end ICT solutions. Being a transformation partner, T-Systems Hungary relies on its extensive telecommunication and information technology experiences to provide systems that are appropriate and suitable to the new business model of the latest challenges and the latest expectations on effectiveness.

The deep sectoral knowledge of T-Systems Hungary, the many years of professional and project experiences of its employees, and its uniquely extensive technological portfolio, coupled with support from Magyar Telekom's communication infrastructure provides a uniquely diverse solutions to most public utility companies.

The corporation is at the forefront of sector specific applications and the implementation of infrastructural demands. We have extensive experience in developing and securing the infrastructures for customer service offices, contact centres accessible via multi-channels such as telephone, letter, messages; the related network solutions, telecommunication and information technology devices. As for our business solutions, we offer account keeping applications, risk management and receivables management solutions, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, enterprise resource planning, business intelligence and GIS (geographical information system) supported technical registry systems.

Key Elements of the Strategic Partnership between T-Systems and the Energy Industry

  • dynamic and scalable ICT solutions
  • integrated telecommunications solutions
  • infrastructure and user specific individual solutions
  • developing and operating standard (ERP) and advanced individual solutions
  • applications adopted to fit internal processes (document management, archiving, storage)
  • energy management, measurement services
  • cloud services
  • corporate and home management, energy efficiency solutions, data centre services