Telecommunication Telecommunication is the brainchild of the 20th century, which grew into a fantastic opportunity in the 21st. With their convergence, information technology, media and telecommunication is now present as a uniform whole in our everyday lives, and as such, it entails and brings about newer and newer business opportunities. Being heirs of the searching spirit of its predecessors and the member of the Magyar Telekom Group, T-Systems Hungary is the key representative of info-communication technology and knowledge centre on the market today. The predecessor companies have already contributed a great deal to the exceptionally dynamic development of the Hungarian market by developing and installing a number of telecommunication business and technological support systems. All this was achieved on a market which is characterised by the fiercest of market competitions, where day after day the service providers are put to the test and compared; on a market which never sleeps, customer service never stops, and where the quality and content of customer service never cease to improve.

Telecommunication We believe that the most important sectoral objective of the near future along the convergence of information technology and telecommunication technologies will be to establish new generation network infrastructure of telecommunication companies and the related technological and business support systems.  The solutions that further improve client-centredness, support the optimal operation of key processes and ensure that corporate financial transparency is given a leading role.

Being the integrator of the professional system and expertise with extensive knowledge of the industry, our company is an ambitious player on the market and can deliver and integrate hardware and end devices and network communication devices, implement and integrate various applications by optimally blending modern knowledge and experiences.