In Support of 21st Century Community Transport

Transport T-Systems Hungary is one of Hungary's largest infocommunication solution suppliers in community transport. The company has special competences in urban and intercity community transport; its integrated solutions have been tested and proven on domestic and European levels alike. Owing to its predecessors, the company has a long history of activity in the field of transport. In cooperation with a number of local government and private enterprises, the company has participated in projects crucial in the development of transport management systems contributing, which contributed to successful implementation through innovative and international solutions and Hungarian engineering knowledge. The solutions of T-Systems Hungary offered for use by the transport sector include unique solutions that can make a great contribution to the improvement of 21st century conditions in community transportation.

Transport T-Systems Hungary has a full-scale solution portfolio for the planning, implementing and accounting of both local and intercity community transport. Key portfolio components:

  • Traffic control technology planning and accounting
  • Accounting of ticket sales and revenues, electronic ticketing
  • GPS-based traffic controller and coordinator systems
  • Passenger information systems
  • Transport enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • Transport projects system integration

In addition to the systems that cater for the needs of transport company operation and their special needs, our solutions also include applications that raise passenger logistics and passenger experience to new heights with the introduction of dynamic timetables or e-ticketing.

Individual Solutions in Community Transport

The quality of organisation and control of community transport, the management of extraordinary situations, and real-time, on-road optimisation is of utmost importance today. The company is capable of delivering functionalities and solutions that are exceptional in terms of the operations of companies providing community transport services. Our passenger counting devices ensure that the organisation of transport is based on substantiated and accurate data. The monitoring of buses in urban and intercity transport, the time-sheet records of drivers, the use of fleet maintenance devices allow companies to provide the service levels which passenger expect in an effective, innovative environment in the course of performance of their public duties.

T-Systems Hungary also has unique competencies that are required and increasingly applied in the urban road toll and congestion charge collection. Through the on-board unit and their own data connection, the constant monitoring solutions ensure that fees are charged effectively and entirely in the function of real use of services.

Quality Passenger Experience

The innovations of community transport clearly point in the direction of solutions supporting quality travel experience. T-Systems Hungary also strives to deliver systems to its clients which can help pre-journey travel planning or provide information about the actual journey. The company already provides online e-ticketing solutions. In this respect our community travel system of the Szolnok T-City program is exceptional as it allows passengers to purchase a city card and top it up with travel credits that they use to pay for journeys. Our internet, bus stop and on-board passenger information modules and our transport control software used by the traffic control dispatchers ensure that the latest customer expectations are satisfied.

The company constantly develops and adds new components to its complex solutions portfolio on the basis of real passenger expectations and the latest needs of the transport providers. The main aim of T-Systems Hungary is to provide passengers and community transport companies additional services through a complex and modular system. The company offers its transport sector clients versatile software and hardware portfolio coupled with a database centre capable of satisfying the highest security and availability expectations, and its full-scale implementation and operation services.