The Internet of Things can bring a real breakthrough

One of the most important technological trends influencing the life of large companies and institutions is the Internet of Things: it opens a new perspective for the decision-makers as it makes their activity more controllable and more efficient due to the communication between the devices – pointed out Tibor Rékasi, Chief Executive Officer of T-Systems Hungary, on a press talk event held in Budapest.

The Internet of Things can bring a real breakthrough The CEO also said that T-Systems Hungary closed a very good year in 2015, which was largely the result of the fact that in the end of the year they were able to deliver a number of orders financed from EU resources. On the other hand, during 2016 efforts will be focused on the preparation of the projects for the new financing cycle, so the company expects less total revenues coming from EU sources – added Tibor Rékasi.

It is important to recognize the technological trends that will determine the competitiveness of a business organization or a local government in the next 2-3-5 years – emphasized the CEO. One of these trends is the Internet of Things (IoT), which by now has become organic part of most infocommunications projects in the fields of industry, agriculture and digital city solutions. As an example of the latter, MOL Bubi can be mentioned, which has by now become an integral part of the Budapest community transport – said Tibor Rékasi.

Solutions based on devices communicating with each other are becoming even more frequent in the production halls of large industrial companies, or in the course of digitizing other easy-to-automate processes. The NarrowBand IoT technology – which, in addition to the long device life span, allows secure and stable communications connection for the IoT capable devices via the networks of mobile operators, built on 3GPP standards – pointed out Tibor Rékasi.

In case of digital city as a concept, it is important to devise sustainable models and to secure the conditions of remunerative operation for the cities using the solutions on the long term. The chief executive officer added: the digital city concept includes not only the community transport, but also the local e-government and energy management.

However, networks and services by themselves are worthless without the appropriate professionals versed in their use, operation and development – said the CEO of T-Systems Hungary. So, the supply of highly qualified professionals is an issue of key importance also in the field of information technology: in the European Union some 825 thousand unfilled positions are projected for 2020, which can result in considerable setback of the competitiveness of the industry. This is why Magyar Telekom Group considers very important to shape the approach of students during their career choices via the Become an IT specialist! program, and to ensure that in the future information technology is looked at as a more attractive career.

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