New solution for the clients of T-Systems - Optimal Energy Management

In April 2013, T-Systems introduced its own Optimal Energy Management system - a universal energy control system and complex set of services.

Optimal Energy ManagementThe aim of the service is to ensure continuous control of energy consumption, explore potentials for savings, and thus increase energy efficiency, and to decrease costs in multiple steps.

The project process and the structure of the service is demonstrated by the following info-graphics:

The solution applied by T-Systems was first displayed on 23 May 2013 for the public. We had an exhibition stall at the "Economical Management of Property Assets - Energy Saving Opportunities in Property Management - 2013" exhibition and expo which attracted app. 130 visitors.

Of the references, the largest one we have received so far is in T-Systems' Data Centre. Thanks to the Optimal Energy Management Solution, and its network comprising 32 thousand electric measurement points, not only is the entire scope of its technological systems measurable, but so is the consumption of each customer. In addition to this, the same solution is applied at all T-point centres and in T-City as well.

With the Optimal Energy Management system and expert energy control service it is offering, T-Systems aims to enable its clients to operate their companies and institutions in an environmentally aware, cost- and energy-efficient manner.

The concept was made marketable with the support of Gábor Szabó and Szilárd Gombos on behalf the Data Centre and Strategy projects sector and the following individuals: Csilla Fajt, Iván Feczkó and Zsolt Jámbor

For further information, please visit the following link:

T-Systems Hungary sponsoring an international conference

On 23 April 2013 the conference on Urban Innovation Forum was held in Bulgaria with sponsorship from T-Systems Hungary. The forum was an ideal opportunity for nearly 300 urban planning experts engaged in making cities more liveable to meet, exchange views and experiences. Emese Szikora also held a presentation with the title of Intelligent Cities.

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