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Library Systems Digital, mobile and smart systems – library in our pockets was the title of the fifth meeting under the programme series we ran in collaboration with the CSO Library known as T-Systems Hungary Innoday – Library Systems.

Being the user of the OLIB integrated library system, the CSO Library has been our loyal partner since 2001. In 2010 we made our contribution to a number of TÁMOP developments including the modernisation of the OLIB integrated system and the establishment of the service system, which operated under the IQPortal project consortium.

  • We held a number of presentations this time as well and they revealed the potential opportunities behind the digital library and mobile library systems. In her introduction, the chief director of the library, Ágnes Fülöp described us the recent past and near future of the CSO library. This was followed by Mrs. Zoltánné Horváth (horizontal sales manager) with an inspirational presentation on the impacts QR Codes and other "Mobilities" in the Library may have on libraries. She showed us open source technologies and international examples on the use of QR codes in libraries, highlighting in particular the impact of what is known as "walking information" on the new methods of information management and learning.
  • Katalin Kótai (senior project manager) described the MOBILIBRI product, which enables search in electronic library catalogues on smartphones and tablets, and also supports some of the library transactions of users. Gergely Lesku (horizontal sales expert) Infonear on Origo - Shall we read it or listen to it? was the title of his presentation on voice information delivery solutions installed on mobile telephones, which present libraries with a new opportunity to provide their clients with audio materials and special information. Viktor Szemereki (competence centre manager) held a presentation in relation to the creation of digital libraries with the title of The technological and integration background to electronic and digital service system, in which he went through all the technological prerequisites of creating a digital library and the requirement system of integrated operation. Lilla Habók (junior designer analyst) described the services of the ADVISE search system that may be used in libraries complete with the MST-modified services. Following this, Katalin Kótai had a presentation on Libraries and archives - kinship and similarities in light of a large-scale project in which she highlighted interesting similarities to demonstrate how and why largely similar processes in libraries and archives were actually still very much different.
  • To round it off Mrs Zoltánné Horváth described the most important topics of the regional trade conference held by our partner, the OCLC in 2013 on Dynamic Data: a world of possibilities, with main focus on the so-called "linked open data" in the establishment of cooperative international digital library systems and the new generation approach to meta-data.
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